Hunger Hacks

8 tips for managing your hunger⁠: 1. Don’t let yourself reach your “STARVING” point. This almost always will cause you to reach for poor food choices and overeat.⁠ 2. Schedule consistent meal TIMES. This can be a game changer for some people. The body loves consistency- with consistent meal times and an internal clock.⁠ 3. […]

How to Meal Plan with Macros

It’s Sunday night meal prep and I’d share some tips on the process of how I come up with my weekly meal plans.⁠ ⁠ First I think about what I’m in the mood for. Like if I’m having a craving for Mexican or Asian flavors. ⁠ ⁠ I usually do a quick scan of the […]

6 Healthy Habits

Many of us know our nutrition needs to be improved in order to achieve our fitness goals. But where do you start? The following 6 healthy habits will naturally lead to improvement in calorie control, nutrient timing, and food selection. HABIT 1: Eat slowly and stop at 80% full Slow down and listen to hunger […]