💪🏼Thick Thigh Myths

Do you have Thick Thighs?⠀ Do you hate when they rub together? ⠀ When I first got into fitness one of my biggest goals was the reduce the size of my legs. If you can relate, keep reading!⠀ ⠀ ⠀ The recent fitness trend goes something like “running and high reps are bad and youContinue reading “💪🏼Thick Thigh Myths”

💪🏼Fat Loss for the Petite Female

Your favorite fitness model is a 5’6″ lean machine. She’s got glutes like a goddess and she preaches you’ve got to eat to build a booty. You’ve copied her meal plans and follow her workouts but you still can’t shake your stubborn body fat. “Why can she eat 2600 calories per day and you can’t?”Continue reading “💪🏼Fat Loss for the Petite Female”