Traveling Tips

⁣Traveling is one of the most amazing experiences! Whether I’m traveling for modeling or just for fun, I use these tips so that I maintain my healthy lifestyle while still enjoying my adventure! Whether you’re staying at an all-inclusive resort, or you’re backpacking through the dessert, you can still utilize these tips for a successfulContinue reading “Traveling Tips”


  Eating less than your target macros in hopes you’d make more progress – undereating causes metabolic issues. Even in a deficit, you want to make sure your eating sufficient amounts. If you’re constantly undereating your macros then your set point is lower and its harder to make accurate adjustments later on. Trying to hitContinue reading “🍽BIGGEST MISTAKES WHEN STARTING MACROS”

6 Healthy Habits

Many of us know our nutrition needs to be improved in order to achieve our fitness goals. But where do you start? The following 6 healthy habits will naturally lead to improvement in calorie control, nutrient timing, and food selection. HABIT 1: Eat slowly and stop at 80% full Slow down and listen to hungerContinue reading “6 Healthy Habits”