Reverse Dieting

Where are all my shorties who feel super stuck eating 1200 calories…

(or even less!)

wouldn’t it be nice to eat a hell-uv-a-lot more without gaining the annoying 10 pounds of straight-up body fat?!!

How TF are all these other petite women eating 1800+ cal a day — they must be lying!”

“I WISH I could, but it feels like just 100 extra calories blows me up into the F*n Michelin Man.”

Ah, girl, been there, felt that^!!

If it were only as simple as ‘JUST’ eating more food… you’d have solved this like yesterday.

The fact of the matter is you’ve spent quite a lot of time in a deficit — intentionally or not — which actually down-regulates your hormones, slows your metabolism, and now your body has learned how to survive and function [well, just barely] on low calories.

Whether you’ve reached your dream bod or not (the more likely case), one thing’s for sure… You DON’T want to stay stuck here.



◻️ I WISH I could eat more without blowing TF up… but I feel like my slow metabolism is forever stuck where it’s at just because I’m short.⁠

◻️ I’ve been eating low carb [or keto] for years but I no longer losing weight. I just want to be able to eat a banana without feeling like I f*cked everything up. ⁠

◻️ I’m a calorie/macro-counting QUEEN and I understand the insane value of eating more but I’m just scared to go outside my comfort zone. ⁠

◻️ I want to build a booty and grow these baby muscles! I am SO READY to strategically eat more and train like a total baddie!


Good news is… We can actually teach your body how to THRIVE on higher calories via a process called “Reverse Dieting”

Reverse Dieting is basically a diet turned up-side-down!🙃⁠

Instead of reducing more and more calories as you would when you diet… Reverse Dieting is a slow and gradual re-introduction of calories overtime to restore your metabolism.

A *gradual* increase over several weeks (combined with a bomb-ass strength training program) prevents the unnecessary blow-up that you might get if you were to go from -let’s say- 1200 to 2400 calories basically overnight.

This is just an example of how small the weekly increases actually are!

So take a hot sec and let yourself imagine what it would feel like for you to

Welcome much-needed pleasure back into your life⁠ [think: nut butters, real creamer in your coffee, pasta, the occasional donut, ya know…], 

Feel more energized and actually A-L-I-V-E [because you actually have enough fuel for once], ⁠

Experience food freedom [aka being able to keep chips & cookies in your cupboard without feeling the urge to “get it out” or eat it all in one sitting], ⁠

Make mad gainz in the gym [HELLO, big booty!],⁠

And ultimately get better [and easier] results if you ever do a cut in the future!⁠

Well, get ready…

Because boosting your metabolism 
(to make all ^THAT^ possible) 
just got EASIER than EVER. 


The Mini Reverse Diet Challenge

A  comprehensive 10-week small-group reverse dieting program for petite women to eat a hell-uv-a-lot more food without gaining straight-up body fat. 

We’re gonna turn up the fire on your petite metabolism by slowly and gradually increasing your calories via macronutrient counting in the next several weeks (just in time for all the holiday goodies!)

We’re gonna use this prime time to lift some heavy a$$ weights because your body is going to be in its optimal anabolic state for the first time in a long time (or probably EVER!)

We’re gonna hop on weekly group calls to crush any existing fears, answer your pressing questions, and get you feeling fully supported along the way.

And we’re gonna have a BLAST doing it.

But wait!


This is NOT a weight loss program.

When reverse dieting, we CAN absolutely see some weight gain. We can also see weight loss. OR no weight changes at all.

The outcome will be different for every petite.

If we take it slow (which we will, I promise) and you still experience a large jump in weight, your body probably need to gain that weight (just as mine did). This is called “overshoot” weight and usually subsides over time on its own. 

You can hate it all you want but your body is incredibly smart and knows what it needs to keep you safe & healthy better than we do. 

I cannot promise weight-loss to every petite who reverse diets (and you should SPRINT from anyone who does), but I will promise to go as slow as YOU need to because this is NOT a race.

No matter what the physical outcome; reverse dieting will allow you to take a break from dieting, increase your calorie maintenance, as well as bring much-needed pleasure back into your eating life. That, my friend, makes it ALL worth it!

The beauty of this is that if & when you do go into a cut phase in the future, getting lean will be MUCH easier than it has ever been before because you’ll be starting from a higher calorie maintenance. (Trust me, it’s super empowering!)

Meet the Funsized Queen

Hi, I’m Kier—The purple-obsessed Petite Nutrition & Fitness Coach

Just like you, I was TERRIFIED of the scale going up for the longest time. 

I knew I wasn’t eating “enough” — evidence of amenorrhea, craving peanut butter all day, living in constant brain fog, and experiencing major anxiety over holidays and shenanigans that revolved around food…. 

As much as I WISHED to eat like the taller fit girls I saw on the gram, I just never thought it was possible for a shorty like me to eat more than my 1200 cal maintenance (at the time) without blowing TF up.

What my body needed more than anything else was exactly what I had been avoiding for so long: MORE FOOD!

Now, I’m eating over over 1800 calories per day, maintaining a much healthier body weight, hitting PR’s in the gym, enjoying life without annoying food rules and I’m super passionate about helping my petite pals do the same!

Here’s What’s Happening Inside That Will Help You Get Un-Stuck…

⭐ 10 weeks of access to Funsized Fitness App ⁠which is your home-base for strategy, progress tracking, and support.

⭐ Go at your own pace with weekly adjustments to your custom macronutrient targets. Adjustments are determined from your progress and feedback each week⁠.

Make mad booty gainz thanks to 3 phases of muscle-building workouts ⁠that put those extra calories to good use. [Hello, miss new booty!]

We’ll dive deep in the weekly small-group zoom calls⁠ to wash away any fears surrounding reverse dieting and leave you feeling like the totally confident baddie that you are. 

⭐ You’ll never feel alone with the supportive group chat of other petite reverse dieters within the app.⁠

You’ll get petite expert help and encouragement via direct messaging with the Funsized Queen!

What EX-Low-Cal Petites Are Saying…

“After spending 3 years eating a keto diet with poor results, Kier helped me find m ore balanced approach to macros. I’m strong and have seen so many great body composition changes eating carbs than I ever did eating keto.” – Rebecca, 5’1″

“I have learned that I need more food to lose body fat then I thought” – Jenn, 5’1″

“Yesterday was the first day I ate 1600+ calories … I’m shocked that I didn’t gain weight… I actually lost some!” – Anonymous, 4’11”

“You don’t have to struggle with this anymore on your own. Kier will help you guide this stuff out & feel better than you knew you could” – Anna 5’3″


Basic B*

10 weeks of
-Access to Funsized Fitness App
-Muscle Building Workouts (3 phases)
-Custom Macro Targets (with weekly adjustments based on your unique progress)
-Gradual reduction of cardio (if needed)
-Group chat within app
-Direct messaging with Kier
-Group zoom calls 

(or 2 payments of $299)

VIP (Very Important Petite)

Everything in the “Basic B*” option plus…
1-on-1 support calls (6 total)

(or 2 payments of $499)

person holding white balloons
If You’re Not 100% Happy, 
I’m Covering the Cost.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

You’re here because you’re ready to break free from diet rules. Not to feel more stuck.

Hey, I get it. And I don’t take your investment lightly.

If after the first month of slowly reverse dieting, you still don’t feel confident you’ve taught your body how to utilize the extra calories while minimizing fat gain as much as possible…

Just email and we’ll refund your money.

Easy Peasy.

Questions your fellow fearless funsized sisters ask before saying “yes” to a life filled with MORE food.

Q: Will I gain weight?

FULL DISCLOSURE: It’s normal to see SOME weight gain on the scale during reverse dieting. You can hate it all you want but depending on your unique situation, your body might actually need it to restore hormones and such. This is called “overshoot” weight and usually subsides after your body has healed. With that being said, we will go as slow as you need to in order to ensure you don’t go up a pant size too quickly. As petites, our goal is to not exceed more than 5 pounds in the next 10 weeks. Most of you won’t even gain that much but if you did, you wouldn’t actually be that much bigger, what you would feel is a lot tighter! A good chunk of the weight you’ll gain most likely would go to your glutes and legs as those are the major muscle groups we will be training throughout this program.. Hello, big booty!

Q: What if I’m eating more than 1200 calories but I still feel like I relate to all of this? Can I still do this program?

Ab-so-FN-lutely! Some people think that reverse dieting is only for those needing to reboot metabolism following extreme calorie restriction like competition diets. But the truth is that nearly anyone can benefit from improving their metabolic rate! This includes anyone experiencing difficulty managing weight while eating a normal amount of food, those who know weight loss is in their future and want to set themselves up to diet on more calories, those who’ve just finished a diet and want to return to normal eating while maintaining results, and those who simply just LOVE to eat.

Q: Is this only for those who have plateaued or is it for beginners too?

Reverse dieting is somewhat of an advanced technique. At the bare minimum, in order to have the most success with this specific 10-week program, I suggest you have at least 3 months of diligently tracking calories/macros (that means not half-a$$ing it) and a good amount of confidence in your ability to track. Regardless of if you’ve been stuck at a plateau for years or just hit your first one ever, reverse dieting could be your RESET button!

Regardless of if you’ve been stuck eating low calories for years or just coming off a cut phase…

If you think increasing your calories can wait…

It can’t.

The harder and longer you diet, the more likely you are to find yourself stuck in the same place with your body a year, two years, five years from now…

Instead, imagine boosting your metabolism by *just* 300 calories over the next 10 weeks.

How would your life look different if you could go to sleep knowing that generous pour of REAL creamer in your coffee, a whole banana, or that night-cap cookie is NOT screwing your progress up but rather contributing to YOUR speedier metabolism?

The way I see it, you have 2 options…

Stay STUCK eating rabbit food forever…


GO ALL IN on this kinda-scary totally-F*n-worth-it Reverse Dieting thing!