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Below, you’ll find tips and tricks that are tailored to being petite, nutrition advice that fits you, and workouts that work with your body type.

We know that good things come in small packages so we rounded up some of our favorite little goodies for you to elevate your meals, muscles, and more!

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Funsized Recipe Library

If you’re looking for something to munch on, we got you covered with our quick, healthy, and budget-friendly recipes that are just the right size for a powerful petite woman.

Short Girl Strength Quiz

Ever wonder where your strength stands next to someone your own size? Take the fun and quick strength quiz to find out!

Petite Nutrition Hacks

STEP UP your nutrition ~by your next meal~ with these 5 no-bs petite hacks I swear by!

Macro Meal Planning Guide

In this 3-Part Youtube Series, learn how I create my meals plans, how I meal prep and what a typical day of meals looks like [petite edition]!

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The Funsized Podcast

From health, to fashion and just general life, The Funsized Podcast has you covered with practical and actionable tips from ambitious petite women who are just like you! Join your host, Kierstin, and co-host, Jess, for your weekly dose of petite empowerment!

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Low-Priced Goodies

Petite Posing Guide

With just a few tips and tricks to accentuate your petite features, you can forget about hitting ‘Delete All’ on the tragic images that put you in a devastating downward spiral.

PDF | $7.99

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The Funsized Formula Course

A Mini-but-Mighty online course for women under 5’3″ to gain mad clarity about food & fitness for their petite physiology. Basically, it’s the instruction manual you always wish you had!

E-Course | $87

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