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157. Funsized Success Story with Liz Ulhman

In this inspiring episode, my 5’0″ client, Liz, shares her experience in my 1:1 VIP coaching program for petite women. Before working with me, Liz had been doing a lot of the right things and was beyond confused why her efforts hadn’t amounted to anything. With just a few personalized adjustments to her

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156. Sun, Fun, and Anxiety Around Food and Fitness Season

In this special mini-episode, we dive into the hot topic of anxiety around food and fitness during the season of summer. With a plethora of celebrations, barbecues, and travel opportunities, it’s no wonder that many of us find ourselves facing unique challenges when it comes to maintaining a healthy relationship with

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155. WTF Are Macros And Where Do I Even Start?

If you’ve been on your health and fitness journey for more than, hmmmm, 5 seconds? You’ve probably at least HEARD of macros. You’ve also probably heard that if you have specific fitness or health goals and want to learn how to be in control of your nutrition, counting macros can be

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154. Short Girl Gym Hacks (Part 2)

It’s time for part 2! Get ready to take your fitness game to new heights with these six brand new short girl gym hacks that will blow your mind! ⁠1) Pull-ups ⁠ ⁠2) Deadlifts ⁠ ⁠3) Sumo Deadlifts ⁠ ⁠4) Hip thrusts “booster seat”⁠ ⁠5) Standing Hamstring Curl⁠ ⁠6) Lat Pulldown ⁠ Trust me

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Laura, 5'1.5"
Britney Wittes, 5'3"
Sara Ponce, 4'11"
Stephanie Green, 5'0"


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