Petite Nutrition Hacks

Nod if this sounds familiar…

  • You’re bustin’ yo booty in the gym…but the results aren’t showing as much as you’d like.
  • You’re trying hard AF to eat healthier but you still struggle with choosing foods (that actually taste good) in the right portions — especially in social situations.
  • It’s finally clicked for you that the diet your taller friends get results from… just won’t work for your petite structure. But you’re still lost on what exactly WILL.

Well, get ready because…

I’m sharing the 5 Petite Nutrition Hacks I swear by!

Here’s what’s going DOWN
inside the cheat-sheet for petites:

  • Learn my top 5 no-BS petite nutrition hacks (what to eat and how to eat it) that you can easily start implementing TODAY (yes, like at your next meal!) without feeling like you’re on another restrictive diet.
  • Develop healthier habits in the kitchen that will ~reveal~ all the hard work you’re already putting into your workouts. 
  • Have f*ckin FUN eating flavorful food you actually enjoy using practically-perfect petite portion control strategies. (don’t worry, they’re easy!)

So that you can STEP UP your nutrition to crush your fit b*tch goals and STAND PROUD to be petite!

<strong>Hey, I'm Kier!</strong>
Hey, I’m Kier!

The Nutrition & Fitness Coach for Women Under 5’3”

As a short gal myself, I know exactly how it feels when just 5 extra pounds looks more like 15 on you. 

After years of doing all the wrong things (*cough* keto, fasting…), I finally realized most nutrition and fitness programs are designed for people of average height. 

Since then, I’ve developed The Funsized Forumla that FITS my vertically challenged a$$ and I’ve helped hundreds of shorties establish petite-friendly healthy habits to build body confidence! 

From the gym to the kitchen and beyond, I’m here to help you move and eat (and have fun doing it!) in a way that ALIGNS with your unique petite physiology so that you can look & feel little & fierce!