Are you ready to

eat more, boost your metabolism, restore your hormones, and build lean muscle

 — all while maintaining your weight?

Honor Your Appetite is for you if…

⇢ You’ve been restricting calories for as long as you can remember, and yet, results are nowhere to be found.

⇢ Your stomach is always growling, yet your determination helps you ignore it.

⇢ Upcoming social gatherings involving food sends a shiver down your spine.

⇢ You’re fed up with feeling stuck in low calorie prison; You just want to eat like a normal human being again.😩

⇢ Your 🩸 is MIA and you’ve heard through the grapevine that eating more could help…but the fear of potential weight gain has you paralyzed. 🫣

So tell me… how much happier would you be if you could eat more of what you love WITHOUT gaining straight-up body fat in the process? 🤔 ⁠

Ok, ok. At this point, you’re probably smirking like, “LOL Kier, I’d also lovEeEeEe to be able to make a million $$$ without working a day in my life 🤪”⁠

But hear me out…⁠

It’s actually possible!⁠

YES, even for us petites—with a technique called reverse dieting.⁠


In scientific terms, reverse dieting is a strategic method of ~gradually~ increasing calories to speed up your metabolic rate while preventing sudden weight gain. 

In fun[sized] terms, that means…⁠

✨ Welcoming more calorie-dense foods (think: nut butters, cheese, real creamer in your coffee, the occasional donut, ya know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) into your everyday life⁠ 👋🍩⁠

✨ Feeling more energized and actually A-L-I-V-E (because you actually have enough fuel for once!!) 🤩 ⁠

✨ Experiencing food freedom (aka being able to keep chips & cookies in your cupboard without feeling the urge to eat it all in one sitting)⁠

⁠✨ Attending social gatherings involving food without a speck of anxiety, fully enjoying the company of friends and family, indulging in the delicious spread, and walking away without a hint of guilt or shame.

⁠✨ Making madddd gainz in the gym (um, hello, big booty?!) ⁠⁠🍑⁠

✨ And ultimately getting better and EASIER results if you ever do a cut in the future!⁠

Now how does THAT sound?⁠

Hi, I'm Kier

I know what it’s like

— to feel stuck in the never-ending cycle of low-calorie living.

Exhausted. Brain foggy. Anxious AF about food… You basically have the brain capacity & speed of a baby turtle 🐢🧠😂, you’re jealous of the heaping pile of food on your partner’s plate, and the worst part is, you’re STILL not seeing any changes in the mirror. 



So accurate it hurts, right?

Know that you’re not alone.

This was literally my life, back in 2014-2019.

Stuck as F*ck.


In a world where we are constantly being told to eat less, cut carbs, reduce portion sizes, be thinner, weigh less… why wouldn’t you think LESS food is better when it comes to reaching your goals?!?!⁠

For the longest time, I bought into this idea, too, thinking it was the only way to get the body I wanted. ⁠

Turns out, it was only a recipe for exhaustion, messing up my hormones, and never truly feeling satisfied.😬⁠

But the good news is, I managed to fire up my metabolism, get my hormones back in sync, supercharge my energy levels, and foster a positive relationship with food. 🚀⁠

All of that^ wouldn’t be possible if I hadn’t increased my calories. ⁠


Now, let’s be real, if it were simply a matter of eating more, you would’ve tackled this ages ago, right?

The real challenge?⁠

>>Overcoming the fear of gaining weight<<⁠🥺⁠


It’s the fear that had me pinned down for so long. And you know what? It’s perfectly normal to have this fear, especially when we’ve been conditioned to think that more calories will inevitably lead to unfavorable outcomes…

But here’s the big secret: You can train your body to thrive on higher calories without watching the scale creep up or your clothes get tighter. 


How!? It’s about taking things nice and slow (with reverse dieting), enabling your body to utilize the few extra calories for energy and various metabolic processes ⚡ ️ — which minimizes the chances of those extra calories getting stored as fat.


A 3-month reverse dieting adventure to eat more of what you love, ignite your petite metabolism, and restore your hormones WITHOUT gaining straight-up body fat in the process.

Honor Your Appetite

Here’s what’s included:

*Teeny Tiny* Weekly Macro Adjustments

These teeny tiny 🤏🏼 increases that are hardly even noticeable —like a sprinkle of cheese or an ounce more of rice— will ensure that your body will utilize the few extra calories for energy and various metabolic processes (hello happy hormones!) which minimizes the chances of those extra calories getting stored as fat.

Nutritional Guidance

Food journal audits & fun meal ideas to keep you on track with nutrient-packed foods but still leave room for those yummy treats in your life!

Progress Monitoring

We’ll keep an eye on essential feedback from your body — like your energy levels, moods, hunger level, workout performance, and any shape-shifting happening with your body — to set the pace and scope of future macro adjustments. No rush here, we're going at your pace!

Mindset Support

We'll connect through two private 30-minute Zoom calls each month so that you can get the hell over all the fears that are keeping you stuck + unhappy.

Community Chat

Connect with other petites who share your struggles and are on the same journey as you so that you never feel alone!

Questions your petty pals ask before saying YES to more food & happy hormones...


This program is a minimum of 3 months as we will be increase calories at an extremely low rate (roughly ~20-40 cals per week). If you wish to keep going after the initial 3 months are up, we can continue on a month-by-month basis. It’s actually very common for clients to reverse diet for 4-12 months!

Everyone’s experience is unique but you can expect to experience increased energy levels, better moods, improved performance in the gym, healthier hair/skin/nails, regular cycles, and better overall well-being. Most people maintain their weight however, sometimes eating more can actually promote fat loss. 

You’ll gain immediate access to my app! This is where you’ll find your macro targets, the community chat, and you can message me anytime! You can also use the in-app meal tracker and have the option to add on workouts. Oh, and we’ll be using Zoom for our mindset calls. 

The base program is macros & mindset only but your can add-on fitness coaching for an additional charge.