Go from “I don’t know what to eat” to…


in as little as 16 weeks

Customized Nutrition & Fitness Coaching for Women Under 5’3”

Let me guess…

  • You’re a petite gal who hates the extra 5 pounds that looks like 15 pounds on you. You just wanna get and stay lean already…
  • You’ve already tried (what feels like) all the things but you still feel confused in the nutrition department. It’s almost like you don’t even know WTF “normal” or “healthy” eating should look like anymore…
  • You’re over the idea of  just losing weight — You’re ready to feel stronger, look stronger, and let bitches know you can take them down even if you’re half their size

You’re not alone, shorty.

You already know us short gals face some tall challenges in this big ole world… 

When you think about how many alterations we need just to feel satisfied in clothes, it’s really no surprise we’d need a modified approach for nutrition & fitness as well. 

The truth is… most diets & fitness fads out there are not short girl friendly.

So if you want to take your fitness to the next level… Those average programs will not cut it. 

Let me say that again—it just won’t get you there.  

To see those positive long-lasting changes, you need a strategy that aligns with and actually FEELS good to your petite physiology.

It’s time to let go of that nasty limiting belief that nothing ever works for you and start seeing the mighty differences that petite-friendly workouts and petite-portioned meals can have on your body and your overall happiness.

Because you deserve to be the badass B* you know you are deep down insideeven if your feet are dangling from the chair you’re sitting on. 

So tell me, Do you ever wish you could just…

  • Feel like you are in charge of your own well-being and go to sleep at night KNOWING that what you’re doing actually aligns with and FEELS good to your body.
  • Impress everyone when you lift all the heavy things (ya know, like furniture, all the groceries, kiddos, etc.) and thereby prove that shorties can be baddies too!
  • Enhance your metabolism and your relationship with food so that you can eat FUN foods you’re actually excited aboutwithout the guilt and the dumb food rules you’ve acquired over the years of crash diets.
  • Be seen as more than just “cute”…You want to feel confident in your body so that you can freely express your sexy, powerful, and delightfully compact self however you damn well please!

And to answer your question…no, that’s not too much to ask for.

background of violet crinkle cut paper

Feeling good in your own skin is no longer “out of your reach”

Well, can I get a drum roll, please?

The Funsized™

for women under 5’3” to look & feel
POWERFULLY PETITE in as little as 16 weeks

Get ready to experience customized meals, workouts, and advice tailored to you, your goals, and your life!

As you already know, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all  — because even in the petite department, there are so many different body types. You’re a unique little unicorn & you deserve to be fully seen & heard (at your own eye level).

Whether your goal is to get leaner for a special event, grow those fierce shoulder curves & peachy booty, or simply maintain a healthy lifestyle with ease… 

I get it, and I’ll help you reach it!

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“Finally, a fitness coach who understands your body size!”


The 3 ingredients that make this program so *juicy*
Knowledge & Awareness

When it comes to fitness and nutrition – knowledge is power. So when it comes to your success- knowledge is crucial. We’re about to re-wire everything you think you know about food & fitness and get you working WITH your petite bod (rather than against it) because the more you understand WHY your miniature bod requires a slightly different approach, the easier it will feel to maintain a little but fierce physique!

Personalized Strategy

Say ‘buh-bye’ to the one-size-fits-all PDFs that are collecting digital dust bunnies at the bottom of your inbox and ‘Hello’ to designing a healthier lifestyle that feels easy and enjoyable to implement. After taking the time to get to know you, we’ll work together to create meals you’re actually wicked excited about, and workouts that leave you feeling like a total baddie!

Ongoing Accountability

Truth is… Knowledge & Strategy alone aren’t gonna get you to the next level. It can be a treacherous road out there if you’re all alone (not to mention, it won’t be an ounce of F-U-N). No one understands what it’s like to be petite better than another petite woman who’s been in your shoes. The icing on the cake? Having a cheerleader in your back pocket (literally!) when the going gets tough (because you KNOW it happens). It is the one ingredient to this process that glues all these pieces together in order to make a *new* you come to fruition.


crop woman with laptop and dumbbell on sports mat

Gain mad clarity about food & fitness for their petite physiology via the V.I.Petite Course 

woman in white jacket holding silver iphone

Have access to The Funsized Fitness App – your new all-in-one dashboard to keep your fit b*tch sh*t all in one organized place.

sports equipment of top of marble surface

Follow Workouts Tailored To YOU with specific reps, sets, and quick exercise video tutorials (performed by a petite) and conveniently keep track of your progress within the app. 

person holding blue ballpoint pen writing in notebook

Feel like a productive boss babe as you check off your Daily Activity Checklists (like water, step, and cardio sessions).

egg near blueberries

Utilize the crazy effective tool to eat balanced meals that fit YOU and watch your body transform with Personalized Macronutrient Targets (protein, carbs & fats).

woman in the kitchen cooking

Enjoy Ongoing Nutrition Guidance throughout the 16 weeks so you’ll never be stuck wondering what to eat.

business charts commerce computer

Be held accountable to your goals with Weekly Check-Ins. (This includes progress pics and a quick questionnaire.) 

Receive Plan Adjustments & Feedback after each check-in so that you keep making progress week after week. 

smiling woman talking via laptop in kitchen

Always feel seen, heard, and cared for thanks to our Weekly Zoom Calls(up to 30 min).

woman in purple shirt holding iphone

Get support with Unlimited Messaging within the app, I’m here to help you navigate your way through any challenge with ease and expertise.

group of women doing work out

Connect with a supportive VIP Community of like-minded (and like-sized!) ladies that will uplift you every step of the way.

BONUS: Receive a Funsized Welcome Packagebecause good things come in small packages!


Get 16 weeks of customized
nutrition & fitness coaching for…

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  • per month
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  • save $200

Real Results

Becky, 5’1″

This experience has taught me more than I knew about feeding myself properly. I’ve lost 3.5″ at my waist and hips and I FEEL healthier and proud of my work. 

Kendra, 5’2″

This program has changed my life.  I was keto for 8 years before this program, and was afraid to eat a carb, and now I’m eating over 140 grams a day and losing fat! I’m happier and healthier than I have been in a very long time and so excited for where I can take myself with everything Kier taught me. I wasn’t sure how the virtual experience would be, but it exceeded my expectations! The technology that she uses blended with personal 1:1 time with her can’t be beat. She’s incredibly human, and supportive – I cannot recommend the Funsized program enough! 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻

Anna, 5’3″

This helped me transform my entire relationship with food from a restricting scarcity mindset to an abundant one. When I started out, my body was so fragile & I did injure myself easily. But with K’s guidance I now feel stronger than EVER. In short: I feel AMAZING!!! Like I got a whole new body in these 4 months.

Bianca, 5’1″

Kierstin was always available to answer questions about meals, workouts, anything! I gained a lot of confidence with meal planning, and the workouts and workout tracking on the app was the BEST. (Will continue using the awesome app!)

Michelle, 5’2″

I loved working with Kier. She was personal, hands-on and encouraging. She meets you where you are and only builds you from there. I loved how dedicated she was to me at all times (even when I had silly questions late at night or early in the morning!) She is 100% there for YOU.

Mariko, 5’2″

I was able to learn and understand how my petite body actually works and functions. She has made this part of my life something to look forward to and not something to dread. I am very excited about how I can take my learnings and apply them for the rest of my life.

Meghann, 4’10”

She taught me how to have a healthy relationship with food, taught me what macros are, and kept me challenged with workouts. Thank you Kierstin for every single coaching session/call and reminder to just keep going no matter what. I can finally say, I am proud of what I see in pictures.

Jenn, 5’1″

This program has shown me that I am capable of reaching my goals and they are not impossible! I have learned that I need more food to lose fat then I thought and getting enough steps and activity throughout the week is essential for success!

Casie, 5’2″

Before this program I was barely eating 1,000 calories a day, and not losing weight. I was also afraid of eating carbs.  This program has allowed me to eat foods that I like while losing weight. I know it sounds cheesy, but it helped me gain knowledge that carbs and calories aren’t bad.

Katie, 5’2″

I went pants shopping and needed to get a size 0 because the 2 and 4 were too big. I also ordered some new swimsuits because I feel good about wearing them! This whole process has never been about clothing sizes or losing weight but I can see and feel my body changing which is so freaking cool.

Nadia, 4’9″

I honestly had no idea my petite needs were so different from my friends before this program. I don’t think I can thank Kier enough for helping me understand food better and help me get rid of my quaran-tummy! I feel like a new person.

Jennifer, 5’1″

I’ve always worked hard in the gym but never ate right honestly. Without Kier, I probably would have never realized how simple it could be. I LOVE food and thought I’d have to miss out but I certainly did not.

Jill, 5’3″

I didn’t feel restricted at all! Once I learned how to track macros it was really fun planning out meals to fit those goals. I feel much more confident in listening to my body’s needs and keeping my nutrition on point!

Jessica, 5’2”

My biggest takeaway so far has been HOW MUCH I CAN EAT! It has given me so much more peace, energy and progress. I would say that this is the best thing I have ever done for my health! 

Listen to these high achievers talk about their experiences here

Meet your Funsized Coach

Hey, I’m Kier – the petite nutrition & fitness coach!

After trying what felt like everything out there (cough* Keto, fasting, cleanses, etc) and suffering from the negative consequences of each of them, I faced an unfortunate truth: none of the common approaches were designed for my 5ft body.

What started as a personal fitness journey turned into unrelenting determination to provide a realistic solution and a balanced approach for petite women to maintain a healthy lifestyle that actually aligned with their unique bodies.  

Now, I’m on a mission to provide my fellow funsized friends with the resources and tools that empower them to reach their highest selves!

Learn more about me & my credentials here!

Questions your Funsized friends asked before saying ‘YAS!’ to working WITH their petite body (rather than against it)

Realistically speaking, what will my results look like?

Physical results will vary. 

As for the non-scale victories, you can expect to feel more in tune with your petite body, more badass in the gym, and more confident in your ability to create healthy balanced meals you enjoy. 

But don’t just take it from me, listen to the dozens of “Funsized Success Story” podcast episodes to hear the real life possibilities from my VIP graduates themselves!

I’m a busy bee…How much time and energy will this take?

Aren’t we all?! Real talk: The first month will be the most time-consuming as this is when you’ll be completing the course, practicing what you learn, navigating the app, hopping on weekly calls with me, and just getting used to your new approach to nutrition and fitness. After week 3-4, it will take you significantly less time to plan your meals and we’ll eventually scale your weekly calls back to every other week. 

The fun thing is… Most of my clients (especially moms, students, and multiple job hustlers) have found that they enjoy the structure that this new way of meal planning gives them because it allows them to be MORE productive and organized in their personal and work life which creates more time for other things in their lives.

What if I have some dietary restrictions or I’m a picky eater?

No worries! This program is totally personalized to you. We’ll work together to come up with meals you’re ecstatic to eat that stay within your boundaries! I’ll never ask you to eat something nasty that you don’t like.

Do I have to eat the same thing everyday? I think I’ll get bored.

I’m not kidding you, everyone (and their mother) tells me this in the beginning! And the answer is no, no you don’t have to.

I highly suggest following one single meal plan each week for the sake of ease and consistency, especially in the beginning when you’re first getting started. And here’s the thing, when we work together to create a meal plan you actually LOVE (which we will), you’ll find that you won’t be as “bored” as you’d thought. 

With that being said, the beauty of counting macros is that it allows you to take a flexible eating approach. At any time, you can absolutely make an adjustment or substitution and do the best you can to make it fit into your macros. There are so many ways to add just enough variety so it doesn’t feel redundant and I can’t wait to teach you all my ways!

I don’t have access to a “real” gym. Can I still have effective workouts?

Of course, girl! You don’t need those fancy machines that don’t really accommodate our short limb length anyway! Funsized Fact: Free weights are a petite’s best friend. 

Just tell me what equipment ya got and I’ll make you a training program that utilizes it best! 

What if I find counting macros too difficult?

Like anything new, Counting macros can absolutely be confusing if you’ve never been taught how to do it. That’s where I come in to help make things a hell-vu-alot simpler! 

In the VIP course, I’ll teach you everything you need to know about macros and how to use MyFitnessPal. ALL of my clients say they feel a zillion times more confident in their ability to count macros after just 2 weeks of tracking their foods consistently.

Do you have another 1:1 coaching option that is shorter/longer than 16 weeks?

Unfortunately, in my 9+ years of experience, I have found that anything less than 16 weeks is not enough time to establish healthy habits and long-lasting results. 

Since I value sustainability, you won’t find any quick fixes ‘round here. 

On the flip side, if you wish to continue receiving VIP treatment after your 16 week contract ends, you can absolutely continue on a month-to-month basis at a discounted rate. (where you can cancel anytime, aka, no contract).

I’d say half my clients feel very confident in their ability to continue on with their new-found healthy habits after 16 weeks while the other half who continue on usually do so because they enjoy having the accountability and not having to spend their precious time formulating their own targets & workouts.

I have invested a lot of time and money into other resources and nothing has helped. How is this different?

Been there, felt that!. I have spent countless dollars on average programs, coaches, and supplements that promised to help me in my journey, but they didn’t. #SMH 

This 100% customized program is a compilation of resources and practices that have helped me and my petite peers find balance with food, fitness, and FUN. This isn’t a cookie-cutter program. This is about taking action on your INDIVIDUALIZED needs and having guidance every step of the way. I’m literally just a few finger taps away!

Not a question but…I’m nervous! This seems like A LOT!

Oh girl, I totally understand. As cliche as it sounds…it can be a total  “lifestyle change” for some. But I’ll promise we’ll take it as slowwww as you need. I know that if you bite off more than you can chew at the start, chances are you’ll get discouraged and likely give up. Instead, we’ll set tiny goals that are just barely outside your comfort zone and build on from there! I’ll always check in with you to see how you’re feeling but if at any time you feel overwhelmed, just let me know and we’ll adjust accordingly – psssst, remember, making those adjustments with expertise is what I’m here for!


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