Hey there, short girl…

Are you ready to become FIT + FIERCE

...while keeping your food game strong, hormones happy, and sanity intact?

But First...

LMK If This Sounds Familiar…

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I see you. Because I was you.

Let me Tell You

Why Average Programs
Don’t Work For Petites

Of course, the basic principles of building and maintaining a healthy active lifestyle (like being active, staying hydrated, and eating nutritious foods) remain the same for all individuals, regardless of height. However, let’s dive into why those run-of-the-mill diets might fall short for us little ones…

Misplaced Exercise Priorities

Most programs tend to focus only on burning calories (hello, cardio!). But for us petites, the true magic happens by amping up our muscle mass, igniting our metabolism along the way.

Calorie Miscalculations

It's true that petites may naturally have lower calorie needs due to our smaller size — however, that's not an invitation to put our metabolism through the wringer with drastic calorie cuts.

Mindset Matters

They totally skip over the deeper sh*t —the way you wrap your head around food and fitness— never tackling the mind games and food rules you've collected so far.

Walk with me for a moment...

(notice I didn’t say run)

Do you ever wish you could...

💪 Embrace a BADASS body that not only feels strong but also looks powerfully petite — enhancing your self-assurance in everything else you do.

💃 Dance through life with the freedom to wear what you love and leave the days of self-doubt and wardrobe frustration behind.

🤩 Have a metabolism firing on all cylinders, making friends with food, and indulging in delicious treats — without that nagging worry of unwanted weight gain.

🌟 Experience the liberating sensation of understanding your petite body’s needs, breaking free from the exhausting cycle of yo-yo diets, and saying goodbye to the haunting grip of body dysmorphia.

And to answer your question... No, it’s not too much to ask.

Introducing The...

A 6-month fitness, nutrition, & mindset program for the petite woman who wants to look fit AF — without sacrificing her favorite foods, her hormones, or her sanity

Here's What You'll Get...

This comprehensive course👩‍🏫 is where your journey begins! Dive into the world of petite-tailored nutrition and fitness wisdom and walk away with a mindset makeover that’ll leave you feeling motivated, empowered, and firmly in the driver’s seat of your journey. 💪🍏🔥


What this course will help you do:


Re-wire your brain for long-lasting change

So that you can finally break free from the endless cycle of yo-yo dieting and searches for a magical solution. This means we'll be deleting those mainstream diet culture "rules" (like the myth of only training in the 10-15 rep range or avoiding carbs after dark). Instead, get ready to embrace a refreshing balanced approach that's all about living life to the fullest.

Learn how to create meal plans that meet your macros

...by following my super simple 3-step method so that you can nourish your body, WHILE also fully participating in LIFE (aka eating fun foods) without feeling deprived or restricted.

Unlock Body Autonomy

No more feeling lost or uncertain about how to maintain your fitness and wellness journey; you'll have the knowledge and strategies to keep blazing your trail to success even when our time together concludes.


There are 6 CORE MODULES

Module 1: Getting Started
Module 2: Rewiring the brain
Module 3: Nutrition 101 
Module 4: Igniting the Metabolism Fire via Exercise
Module 5: The [not-so] Little Things
Module 6: More Mindset Stuff 

This is where the magic 🔮 happens! You’ll receive a personalized strategy that’s as unique as you are! This ensures that your nutrition and fitness plans align harmoniously with your petite physiology, setting you up for sustained success.🏋️‍♀️🥞🥗


What your strategy entails:


Funsized Fitness App

Your unique strategy will be delivered to you via an easy to use app so that your fit girl era sh*t is all in one organized spot! This is where you'll find your workouts, log your meals to meet your macros, track your progress, message me, and so much more!

Customized Training

Follow Workouts Tailored To YOU with specific reps, sets, and quick exercise video tutorials so that you know exactly what to do in your gym, ensuring you make progress over time (Buh-bye inconsistency!)

Personalized Macronutrient Targets

Fuel your body with the right balanced of nutrients that aligns with your body size so that you unlock boundless energy, thrive in your workouts, and look 🔥 in a crop top.

Tiny Tweaks that Yield Big Results

Week after week, I'll make small, gradual adjustments to your macros and exercise. These tweaks will feel so small but believe me, they'll pack a powerful punch; accumulating into results that you can actually see and feel!


Enjoy your favorite foods while staying on track. And when life happens (like you get invited to lunch you can't refuse, PMS got you feeling cray, etc), your program can adapt to your schedule, preferences, and any unexpected twists and turns that pop up.

Throughout this program, you’ll embark on a daily macro-counting adventure! This quest’s purpose is to arm you with invaluable knowledge about how your body interacts with the nutrients you provide. These insights are lifelong treasures into your body’s relationship with food that will stick with you for the rest of your life! Counting macros is NOT about restriction; it’s about precision, and it’s an empowering game-changer for your results. You’ll see!🤓🚀✨

Because let’s face it, no one understands what it’s like to be petite better than another petite woman who’s been in your shoes. When the road gets bumpy (and let’s be real, it does happen) having a guide is the one ingredient that glues all these pieces together in order to make a *new* you come to fruition — think of it as the frosting on a cake!🍰🎉 


Here’s how you’ll be supported:


Weekly Check-ins

Not only do these hold you accountable; they're your chance to chat about any roadblocks you stumble upon. I'm here to dish out practical solutions and strategies so you can kick those hurdles to the curb!

Unlimited Messaging

Consider me your pocket-sized accountability partner (literally)! Whenever you need a motivational boost, have a question, or just need to vent, I'm just a message away. We’re gonna be besties by the end of this!

Coaching Calls

We’ll hop on weekly one-on-one Zoom calls👩‍💻 (~30 min) so that you get the support and guidance you need to overcome roadblocks and keep going.


Meet new friends in the private community of petite women who f*n GET YOU and are going through the same thing as you. Use this space to ask questions, feel inspired, share recipes, and cheer each other on!

Hey, I'm Kier

your 5'0" thick-thigh Funsized coach

I was so brainwashed into thinking I had to ~1200 calories (because I’m petite) to see more muscle definition and unfortunately, what happened wuz… I dug myself into a DEEP hole of hormonal problems…

Thankfully, I managed to turn things around by embracing a more nourishing approach and gradually, I started to witness my muscles growing and my metabolism working in a way it hadn’t before. Why? Because a well-fed body responds better than a starving body.

Now, I eat over 180g carbs a day, I’m building (+ retaining!) muscle like never before, all while NOT feeling deprived or restricted from food — which is exactly what I dreamt for so long.

That’s why I’m so enthusiastic about guiding my petites pals (like you!) in discovering how to eat in a way that’s conducive to your goals of looking both FIT and FIERCE.💪🔥

Read more about my story »

Don't Just take My word for it

Here are just a few of my rockstar clients



per month for 6 months

What other petites ask before becoming Fit + Fierce

Common questions

I don’t sell shiny 10lb promises (although I could & have the client results to back that up) because every body’s body is so different and this program because, it’s SO much more than that! 

The non-scale victories, are the real gems that shine bright on your journey. I’m talking about things like newfound energy, forming a better relationship with food, fitting into your clothes better, and feeling like an absolute badass, lifting those heavy weights like nobody’s business!

If you wanna know the possibilities, you can listen to the dozens of “Funsized Success Story” podcast episodes to get the scoop from my VIP graduates themselves!

Real talk: The first month will be the most time-consuming as this is when you’ll be completing the course, practicing what you learn, navigating the app, hopping on weekly calls with me, and just getting used to your new approach to nutrition and fitness.

By week 3-4, it will take you significantly less time to plan your meals and we’ll eventually scale your weekly calls back to every other week.

As cliche as it sounds…it can be a total “lifestyle change” for some. But I’ll promise we’ll take it as slowwww as you need. I know that if you bite off more than you can chew at the start, chances are you’ll get discouraged and likely give up. Instead, we’ll set tiny goals that are just barely outside your comfort zone and build on from there! I’ll always check in with you to see how you’re feeling but if at any time you feel overwhelmed, just let me know and we’ll adjust accordingly – psssst, remember, it’s a fully customized program, I got chuh!

Those feelings are totally normal. Like anything new, counting macros can absolutely be intimidating and confusing. That’s where I come in to help make things a hell-vu-alot simpler!

I’ve walked the path, cracked the code, and now I’m here to give you all the time-saving tips, tricks, secrets, and hacks that will transform you into the ultimate macro counting queen! In the VIP course, I’ll teach you everything you need to conquer the realm of counting macros.

I’m proud to report that ALL of my clients say they feel a zillion times more confident in their ability to count macros after just 2 weeks of tracking their foods consistently, so don’t sweat it!

No worries! This program is totally personalized to you. We’ll work together to come up with meals you’re excited to eat while staying within your boundaries! I’ll never ask you to eat something that you don’t like, that’s a promise

Of course, girl! You don’t need those fancy machines that don’t really accommodate our short limb length anyway! Funsized Fact: Free weights are a petite’s best friend.

After signing up, I’ll send you a “kickoff questionaire” where you can provide a list of the equipment ya got and I’ll make you a training program that utilizes it best!

When it comes to achieving your goals, nutrition and fitness are like the dynamic duo, Batman and Robin, peanut butter and jelly—you name it! They go hand in hand, strutting down the path of success together.

Having a nutrition-only option would be like having a superhero without their trusty sidekick. Sure, you might get some results, but why settle for “some” when you can have it ALL?

I’m confident that my workouts will leave you feeling like you walked into a whole new dimension! And the best part? When you do something different, you’ll achieve different results. AND if you’re already a workout warrior,  that just means you can channel more energy and focus into the nutrition piece of the puzzle.

The duration of this program has been chosen to provide you with the most comprehensive and sustainable results. True change takes time, especially when it comes to building a strong foundation in fitness, nutrition, and mindset. The 6-month timeframe allows us to delve deep into reprogramming habits, establishing a solid routine, and ensuring lasting transformation. Think of it as an investment in your long-term well-being and confidence. 

But if you’re not feeling ready for the long-ride just yet, I invite you to try The Funsized Fitness App Monthly Workout Subscription. This will give you a taste of what it’s like to work with me 🙂

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill, cookie-cutter, group-coaching nonsense.  This is a 100% customized program with resources and practices that have helped me and dozens of petite clients find a healthy balance between food, fitness, and FUN. 

With me as your coach, you’ll be guided by someone who understands the struggles of being petite and has been in your shoes before. Just consider me your pocket-sized accountability buddy, coach and cheerleader, ready to support you every step of the way.

Let’s be powerfully petite together!

Schedule a free consultation call to make the magic happen!

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