If there was an all-in-one
proven formula
only for short girls

without hating every second of it…

…would you finally feel confident committing
to a plan to see results?

“Why TF can’t I just be hot already?”

Let me guess…

  • You’re a petite babe who hates that extra 5 pounds looks like 15 pounds on you… You just wanna get (and stay) lean already.
  • You know you’re not obsese, but damn… you would just love to be lighter & tighter so that you can rock that crop top — in public!
  • You’re over the idea of just “losing weight”… You’re ready to feel strong, look strong, and let bitches know you can take them down even if you’re half their size.
Let’s make it happen ASAP!

And to answer your question…no, it’s not too much to ask.

What’s the biggest difference between petites who tone up…
and those who still struggle with being consistent??

Answer: Tiny & Tight Babes Attain These 3 Things:


You might have an inkling of suspicion that your metabolism is slower than your peers and well, hate to break it to you, shorty, but… studies show petite metabolisms are typically slower than taller people. But don’t fret. Now that you know strength training and eating carbs actually HELPS your metabolism, it’s easier to ditch the popular trends that only help people of average height and start to work with your petite bod (rather than against it).


You don’t need me to tell you how important it is to be consistent with food & fitness… You already know. But it’s not as simple as the 5 evil C’s (counting calories, cutting carbs and cardio). Working WITH our petite bodies means eating balanced macronutrients (the protein, carbs, and fats that make up calories) to fuel our bodies for the strength-training we need to do to build muscle that eats away your unwanted body fat.


Truth is… Knowledge & Strategy alone aren’t gonna get you where you wanna be. It can be a treacherous road out there if you’re all alone (not to mention, it won’t be an ounce of F-U-N). The icing on the cake? Having the support and encouragement when the going gets tough (because you KNOW it happens). It is the one ingredient to this process that glues all these pieces together in order to make a *new* you come to fruition. 

So tell me..

How would your life look different if you could go to sleep at night KNOWING that what you’re doing is actually generating results?

Well, get ready…
Because now you can follow a petite tailored protocol so that you can:

✔️Finally lose excess body fat (for realz)
without feeling restricted
from food (aka carbs)
you love

✔️Feel your confidence
SOAR as your muscle
tone & strength increase

✔️Have FUN preparing and
eating foods you’re
actually excited about

The 1:1

The comprehensive 16-week virtual nutrition & fitness formula for petite women to look & feel little & fierce

The 1:1 Funsized Coaching Program consists of the petite knowledge, customized strategy, and 24/7 accountability you need to become the hottest & highest version of YOU.

With a flexible eating strategy, progressive strength-training approach, daily accountability, and so many more valuable petite resources, you’ll finally be able to commit to a protocol that FITS your petite bod and boost your metabolism so that you can confidently wear crop tops on the reg.

And the best part? This program is totally tailored to YOU and your unique body. This is not another cookie-cutter program you can’t stick to because you can’t stop dreaming of pizza… Instead, we work together to design a healthy lifestyle you love so that you stop “falling off the wagon” and start sculpting a rockin’ little body.

Basically, you’re gonna look and feel like a muthafuckin 10.

How It Works

Kick it off with…

Your petite food & fitness needs will no longer feel like such a big mystery when you graduate from the online Funsized Formula Course for petites to learn everything you need to know about macros and training to successfully tone up during this 16-week program.

Turn it up with…

Gain access to the all-in-one Funsized Fitness App where you’ll

  • View & complete your Customized Workouts with detailed instructions & 150+ HD petite exercise video tutorials so that you can follow along and know you’re performing each and every movement correctly.
  • Track Your Progress (like exercise performance [sets, reps, weights you complete per exercise], body measurements, and upload progress photos. You can even sync your MyFitnessPal, and step tracker [Fitbit or Apple Watch]) so that you can literally watch your strength & muscle tone steadily increase.
Lean out with…

Fuel your body and torch unwanted body fat with foods you actually enjoy when you reach your daily unique macro targets according to what you learn from The Funsized Formula course.

With ongoing nutritional guidance from Coach Kier throughout the 16 weeks, you’ll stay on track to hit your goals while including new and interesting meals you’re excited about.

Make it all come to life with…

Weekly accountability check-ins & feedback: We’ll work together to constantly tweak your plan over time to ensure you never hit that dreaded weight loss plateau—you can look forward to consistent, visible progress!

Weekly Video Calls (30 min): You’ll always be seen, heard, and cared for. We’re in this together!

Connect & be inspired by like-minded (and like-sized!) ladies inside the exclusive Funsized Friends support group.

Unlimited text message support: Never be without my expert guidance—I’m just a few finger taps away!

The end result? 
REAL sustainable *confidence-boosting* results!

Real Results

I’m all about producing real results. But like you, I know results are based on more than just the number on the scale. That’s why I’ll never require you to weigh yourself during this program. Promise.

See what SHE said…

Meet the Funsized Queen

Hi, I’m Kier—Petite Nutrition & Fitness Expert, and Published Model

So who am I to be telling you how petite women should eat and workout?

Over the last 7 years, I’ve helped dozens of ladies under 5’3” to not only alter their body composition and live healthier lifestyles but also feel confident AF about how they look and feel.

Straight up, I know how it feels when 5 extra pounds looks like 15 pounds on you.  

AND I know how it feels to not see any results after trying popular weight loss trends (*cough* Skinny Tea *cough*)

*NEWS FLASH* All of the programs you’ve tried were designed for people of average height. …Talk about #shortgirlproblems

That’s why I’m all about helping you take a unique and customized approach that fits YOUR petite body with a healthy balance of food, fitness, and FUN. 

No more extreme diets and overbearing workouts that leave you feeling lethargic and burnt the fuhhk out because… I created the Funsized Formula for petite women to not only look better, but feel ah-maz-ing! 


The Comprehensive 1:1 Funsized Nutrition & Fitness Coaching Program

  • The Funsized Formula Course ($547 value)
  • Funsized mobile app for workouts, progress tracking, messaging, etc ($480 value)
  • 16 weeks of daily macronutrient targets ($1997 value)
  • 16 weeks of 100% customized workouts ($997 value)
  • Weekly accountability check-ins ($1299 value)
  • Ten coaching Zoom calls [30 min] ($799 value)
  • Funsized Friends’ Support Group ($249 value)
  • Unlimited text message support 24/7 (priceless)
  • BONUS: Funsized welcome gift package ($40 value)
Total Value: $6403

Yours for….

Option A

4 Monthly Payments of


Option B

Paid in full (save $100)


Questions your Funsized friends asked before saying ‘YES!’ to finally loving themselves in the mirror

How much weight can I expect to lose?

I’m so happy you asked this question! The amount of weight you lose over our 16 weeks together will look different for everyone. 

I’m all about realistic and gradual weight loss because that is the most sustainable. 

The lose-one-pound-a-week thing is way too drastic for us petites, unfortunately. I also do not require my clients weigh themselves because the number simply does not matter and I want them to focus more on the way they FEEL. 

Some of my clients don’t change much in weight, others drop more than 20lbs, but they always LOOK tighter and FEEL stronger after following my program.

My personal favorite part? When you fit into your old clothes or wear things like crop tops that you never imagined they’d have the confidence to wear!

I’m a busy b*tch . How much time do I need to invest?

Some of my most successful clients are working single moms or students! Most of my clients have found that they enjoy the structure that my program gives them which actually helps them be MORE organized in their personal and work life and allows them to make more time for other things in their lives. 

Besides, You know the saying: “you simply cannot pour from an empty cup.” Well, it’s so true! Making time for YOU makes you a better person for those around you.

I have allergies, intolerances, and/or I follow a specialty diet like vegan, paleo, whole30. Can you work with that? 

Of course! Everything is customized to YOU. We work together to create meal plans with yummy foods that don’t upset your tummy and make you feel your best! I want you to enjoy the foods you eat because then its much easier to stick to!

I don’t have access to a “real” gym. Can I still complete your workouts?

Girl, I kid you not…EVERYTHING, including training, is customized to you! Depending on what fitness equipment you have access to, I will create your fitness plan that fits! At the bare minimum all you need is resistance bands.

How long is the program? What if I need more time?

The program is a minimum of 16 weeks (or 4 months). If you wish to continue receiving customized support after the 4 months, you will be able to continue on a month-to-month basis at a discounted price where you can cancel anytime. Most of my clients do go beyond the 4 month minimum.

I have invested a lot of time and money into other resources and nothing has helped. How is this different?

I’ve been there first hand. I have spent countless dollars on professionals, supplements, and programs that promised to help me in my journey, but they didn’t. This 100% customized program is a compilation of resources and practices that have helped me and many of my clients find balance with food, fitness, and FUN. This isn’t a cookie-cutter program. This is about taking action on your INDIVIDUALIZED needs.

I’m a total newbie. Will I still get results?

I’ve helped petite women at ALL levels, including clients who have never even heard the word “macronutrient”. I meet you where you’re at and we’ll go at a comfortable speed. I specialize in walking you through my processes in a way that feels easy and FUN. 


The way I see it, you have two options…

A. You keep playing small where you are, still hating how you look in the mirror and pictures and struggling to “stay on track” (whatever that means…)


B. You go ‘all-in’ on this hella-different totally-f*n-awesome Funsized thing to feel like the goddamn goddess you know you are!

Go on with ya bad self, you know you want to press that button!