Here’s What They Haven’t Been Telling You…

(yes you! The ambitious petite who’s hitting the gym and eating clean…but despite playing by all the “rules”, are still struggling to achieve that #tinybutmighty look…)

You don’t need a Bigger Calorie Deficit.

And you definitely don't need to sign up for a bodybuilding competition.

I can help you stay full, get stronger, and be powerfully petite!

“I Eat Pretty Clean And Go To The Gym Consistently… So Why Don’t I Look Like Buff Bunny Yet?"​

Sound familiar?

Let me know if this rings bell as well:

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I see you. Because I was you.

Hey, I'm Kier

your 5'0" Funsized coach

For years, it seemed no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t build any more muscle for my bikini competitions. Sure, I was lean but my muscles were so FLAT. Little did I know at the time, my muscles needed carbs to look full and I certainly wasn’t getting enough of those…

Reality is, I was brainwashed into thinking I had to eat even less (because I’m petite) to see more muscle definition and unfortunately, what happened wuz… I dug myself into a DEEP hole of hormonal problems…

Fortunately, I was able to reverse those issues by eating more and eventually, my muscles actually started to respond to the strength training that I love to do. Why? Because a well-fed body responds better than a starving body.

Now, I eat over 200g carbs a day, have that peachy bum I’ve always wanted and I want to teach petites (like you!) how you can have the food and your muscles too!

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But First, Let's have a lil' chit chat...

3 Reasons Those Average Programs Don’t Work For Petites

(And what to do instead)

They put you in too large of a calorie deficit

As a petite, cutting 500 calories might be a 1/3 of your intake - that’s A LOT of nutrients for your muscles to be missing out on.

Petites Need...

A much smaller deficit. You wouldn’t feel the need to “fall off the wagon” if you truly felt satisfied with your meals.

They apply all the things right off the bat

If your to-do list goes on for dayssssss, it’s truly no wonder you get exhausted and burnt out before you even see an ounce of progress.

Petites Need...

Slowwwww progression. It’s all about making tiny changes over time and mastering them before adding more.

They just aren’t sustainable

I mean, nobody in their right mind should continue the 75 Hard after 75 days. Just saying...

Petites Need...

If you want results that last, petites need an approach that lasts WITH EASE.

(aka it shouldn’t feel like a diet)

Walk with me for a moment...

(notice I didn’t say run)

Do you ever wish you could...

  • Feel like you are in charge of your own well-being and go to sleep at night KNOWING that what you’re doing actually aligns with and FEELS good to your body.   
  • Impress everyone when you lift all the heavy things (ya know, like furniture, all the groceries, kiddos, etc.) and thereby prove that shorties can be baddies too!  
  • Enhance your metabolism and your relationship with food so that you can eat FUN foods you’re actually excited about — without the guilt and the dumb food rules you’ve acquired over the years of crash diets.  
  •  Be seen as more than just “cute”…You want to feel confident in your body so that you can freely express your sexy, powerful, and delightfully compact self however you damn well please!  

And to answer your question... No, it’s not too much to ask.

You’ve put in the hours & the effort. Now, It’s time to see REAL results.

I see you putting in the work and pushing yourself.

Now you deserve to be seen (at eye level).

And follow a program 100% tailored to YOU and your body size.

Funsized Presents...

The VIP Program

The only 1:1 fully customized nutrition & fitness coaching program for women under 5’3″ to look and feel powerfully petite in as little as 16 weeks!

Schedule a free consultation with me, Kier, and let’s make things happen!

How it works

The 3 ingredients that make this program so *juicy*


We’re about to re-wire everything you think you know about food & fitness and get you working WITH your petite bod (rather than against it) because the more you understand WHY your mini bod requires a slightly different approach, the easier it will feel to maintain a little but fierce physique!


Say ‘buh-bye’ to the one-size-fits-all PDFs that are collecting digital dust bunnies at the bottom of your inbox and ‘Hello’ to designing a healthier lifestyle that feels easy and enjoyable to implement. We’ll work together to create meals you’re actually wicked excited about, and workouts that leave you feeling like a total baddie!


No one understands what it’s like to be petite better than another petite woman who’s been in your shoes. Having a cheerleader in your back pocket (literally!) when the going gets tough (because you KNOW it happens) is the one ingredient to this process that glues all these pieces together in order to make a *new* you come to fruition.

What You'll Get

*The Short version*

Funsized Fitness App

Your new all-in-one dashboard to keep your fit b*tch sh*t all in one organized place. This is where you'll view your daily checklist, track progress, message me, and more!

Progressive Training

Follow Workouts Tailored To YOU (and your schedule) with specific reps, sets, and quick exercise video tutorials (performed by a petite). This includes cardio if necessary.

Ongoing Nutrition Guidance

I’ll teach you all my little tips and trips to meet your daily Personalized Macronutrient Targets with ease inside the VIP Intro Course and we'll always work together to come up with meals you're actually excited about.

Tiny Changes Over Time

Complete quick check-ins to receive plan adjustments (macros, cardio, training, etc) so that you keep making progress week after week.

Feedback & Support

Always feel seen, heard, and cared for with unlimited messaging and weekly video calls. I'm just a few finger taps away!


Connect with like-minded and like-sized women in the VIP group chat.

Don't Just take My word for it

Here are just a few of my rockstar clients


Are you ready for VIP treatment?

Get 16 weeks of customized nutrition & fitness coaching for…


per month for 4 months


*Saves $200*

What other petites ask before becoming VIP

Common questions

Physical results will vary. I don’t like to consider this a weight-loss program because it’s so much more than that.

As for the non-scale victories, you can expect to feel more in tune with your petite body, more badass in the gym, and more confident in your ability to create healthy balanced meals you enjoy.

But don’t just take it from me, listen to the dozens of “Funsized Success Story” podcast episodes to hear the real life possibilities from my VIP graduates themselves!

Aren’t we all?! Real talk: The first month will be the most time-consuming as this is when you’ll be completing the course, practicing what you learn, navigating the app, hopping on weekly calls with me, and just getting used to your new approach to nutrition and fitness. After week 3-4, it will take you significantly less time to plan your meals and we’ll eventually scale your weekly calls back to every other week.

The fun thing is… Most of my clients (especially moms, students, and multiple job hustlers) have found that they enjoy the structure that this new way of meal planning gives them because it allows them to be MORE productive and organized in their personal and work life which creates more time for other things in their lives.

No worries! This program is totally personalized to you. We’ll work together to come up with meals you’re ecstatic to eat that stay within your boundaries! I’ll never ask you to eat something nasty that you don’t like.

Of course, girl! You don’t need those fancy machines that don’t really accommodate our short limb length anyway! Funsized Fact: Free weights are a petite’s best friend.

Just tell me what equipment ya got and I’ll make you a training program that utilizes it best!

Like anything new, Counting macros can absolutely be confusing if you’ve never been taught how to do it. That’s where I come in to help make things a hell-vu-alot simpler!

In the VIP course, I’ll teach you everything you need to know about macros and how to use MyFitnessPal. ALL of my clients say they feel a zillion times more confident in their ability to count macros after just 2 weeks of tracking their foods consistently.

Unfortunately, in my 10 years of experience, I have found that anything less than 16 weeks is not enough time to establish healthy habits and long-lasting results.

Since I value sustainability, you won’t find any quick fixes ‘round here.

On the flip side, if you wish to continue receiving VIP treatment after your 16 week contract ends, you can absolutely continue on a month-to-month basis at a discounted rate. (where you can cancel anytime, aka, no contract).

I’d say half my clients feel very confident in their ability to continue on with their new-found healthy habits after 16 weeks while the other half who continue on usually do so because they enjoy having the accountability and not having to spend their precious time formulating their own targets & workouts.

Been there, felt that!. I have spent countless dollars on average programs, coaches, and supplements that promised to help me in my journey, but they didn’t. #SMH

This 100% customized program is a compilation of resources and practices that have helped me and my petite peers find balance with food, fitness, and FUN. This isn’t a cookie-cutter program. This is about taking action on your INDIVIDUALIZED needs and having guidance every step of the way. I’m literally just a few finger taps away!

Oh girl, I totally understand. As cliche as it sounds…it can be a total “lifestyle change” for some. But I’ll promise we’ll take it as slowwww as you need. I know that if you bite off more than you can chew at the start, chances are you’ll get discouraged and likely give up. Instead, we’ll set tiny goals that are just barely outside your comfort zone and build on from there! I’ll always check in with you to see how you’re feeling but if at any time you feel overwhelmed, just let me know and we’ll adjust accordingly – psssst, remember, making those adjustments is what I’m here for!

Quit settling for average

Let’s be powerfully petite together!

Schedule a free consultation with me and let’s make things happen!

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