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How To Get Over Weight Plateaus

Before you get to stressing over the scale not moving, AGAIN ⁠(despite doing all the right things 🙄)… Let me reassure you: Plateaus are actually a very good sign. These “pauses” in progress are actually a NORMAL part of the journey to long-lasting sustainable results. (Read that last part again)

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What to Wear as a Wedding Guest (Petite Edition)

Wedding season is upon us! (Personally, this is one of my favorite times of the year. Love is great an all, but what I REALLY get excited about is any excuse to dress up 😅) Whether you’re planning on going stag, with a friend, or your partner, this is your

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Best S.E.X. Positions for Petites with Tall Partners

No, this headline wasn’t clickbait…We really are talking about doing the dirty! See, while Funsized Life started strictly as a fitness and health brand, life under 5’3” encompasses a wholeeee lot more than just workouts and nutrition. Wouldn’t you agree, girl? With that realization, this brand has slowly but surely

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Petite Celebs at the Met Gala + Their Fav Workouts

It’s Met Gala season! And you know what that means? → It’s the ONE time a year I start to get just a smidge caught up in the celeb sphere. I don’t know about you, but I’m not big into celebrity news and events and such…that is, UNTIL they step into some

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Workout Gear To Make Your Petite Posterior POP

Last week, for part #3 of Dat Ass April, I shared with you my three favorite glute growing exercises. (Missed that post? Search my blog for the headline 3 exercises that made my butt unrecognizable 🤯) But I had an “oh sh*t” moment, realizing I totally forgot to hook you up with links to

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3 Exercises That Made My Booty Unrecognizable

Confession time: I didn’t always have the booty I’ve worked hard to achieve today 😬 While I’ve always had a little somethin’ back there (genetics gonna genetic!), compared to today, my ass was once FLAT 😳 Now, there’s no shame in a flat ass. And at Funsized Life, we appreciate every make, model, and generation of

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woman lifting barbell

The Biggest Booty Growth Myths—BUSTED!

It’s week #2 of Dat Ass April over here, and you KNOW I had to call out some biiiig booty myths that have been flying under too many petites’ radars (sound the alarm!) 🚨 Now, I dunno about you, but while my goal first and foremost with fitness and health

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The Golden Rule of Glutes for Short Girlies

Welcome to Dat Ass April! 🎉 That’s right, I’ve waited ALL year (ok, three whole months) to say that. Because this month is allllllll about DIY-ing a perky as hell booty for your naturally shorter stature 😉 So without further ado, let’s reveal the #1 Golden Rule of Glutes for

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What I Wore This Week 👗 [Petite Edition]

While I love my petite self and am grateful every day for the 5′ body I’ve been given, I’ll be the first to admit that fashion for us vertically challenged women can be TRICKY! That’s why, this week, I wanted to share some of my go-to outfits and favorite everyday

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four assorted liquor bottles

Tracking Alcohol

Whether you’re celebrating St. Patty’s Day or the fact that you survived a whole year of quarantine — or both! — chances are, you’re gonna grab a beverage that isn’t water tonight … Ahh Yes, bring on the drinks!🍺 But before you do…let’s have a little chit-chat about alcohol. I know you’re a smart cookie and you generally stick

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electronic scales with heap of sugar

Food Scale – Tiny Tips & Tricks

Not a day goes by that I don’t use my food scale (okay, except when I’m on vacation or something, ya got me). But seriously, food scales are probably the most underrated kitchen tools out there — and can I just say…they are cheap AF. And it’s not just because

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