Holiday Gifts for the Lifters in your Life

Have you already started your holiday shopping? 🎁 Or are you racking your head around what each person on your list wants this year?  OR maybe you don’t even know what to put on your own wish list.🤔 Holiday shopping can be HARD …and STRESSFUL.😅  So, I wanted to share some gift ideas for

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Let’s work WITH your bod in hormonal harmony

After witnessing the crazy power of working WITH our bodies/hormones in my own life by cycle syncing, I upgraded the level of support I provide you inside the program. Now, in addition to what I typically provide to help you reach your individual goals, I’m also promoting hormonal balance through

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You might be missing a *key* piece of nutrition…

We’re busting a HUGE nutrition myth right out of the gate today: Nutrition is SO MUCH F*CKING MORE than just “calories in vs. calories out” 👏 Let’s take a sec to give hormones the attention they deserve… Hormones have a significant impact on a woman’s health and fitness journey, especially

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photography of hand during sunset

Did You Get The *D* Today?

When was the last time you got an ample dose of vitamin D? (No, this is not a sex joke, I’m talking about the real vitamin D) You know, the one that comes from the sun and helps us maintain a healthy immune system, fertility, cardiovascular health and soo much

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FAQs About My VIP Program

Last week, I shared a client story with you about Liz, my VIP Petite Fitness & Nutrition Coaching client who *quite literally* leveled up across the board (mentally, physically, and emotionally) all from just making two small tweaks to her routines during our time together.  Since sharing that story, I’ve

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This is the story about a girl named Liz 💫

The sh*t you find on the internet isn’t always what it seems… Filters, AI, photoshop, and over-exaggerated or even fully fabricated fitness “results”—scroll for less than 30 seconds and I’m SURE you’ll find any number of these things on your screen. But as we both know, real, lasting results require

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How To Work With Me

Have you been wanting to crank your health and fitness up a notch (or a couple notches) but don’t know where the actual f*ck to start?I feel you!! These days, it seems like the options to help average people get in shape are absolutely endless… But what all those “average”

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Don’t Believe These MYTHS About Macros

When I first heard people in the gym talking about macros way back when, I remember thinking to myself, “I want nothing to do with that science sh*t!”  Can you relate? 😂 But while the term SOUNDS a little intimidating or even extreme, once I mastered the art (and science)

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Who should NOT be counting macros 🙅‍♀️

Should YOU be counting macros? → Let’s talk about it! (Not familiar with what macros are? Check out last week’s email with the subject line “What TF are macros + do I really need to count them??”) Take it from me… When you see how counting macros works on your

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What TF are macros + do I really need to count them??

If you’ve been on your health and fitness journey for more than, hmmmm, 5 seconds? You’ve probably at least HEARD of macros. So wtf are they, and how can they help you reach your petite fitness goals? Let’s dig in 👇 Wtf are macros anyway? “Macros” is short for macronutrients,

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