Tracking Alcohol

Whether you’re celebrating St. Patty’s Day or the fact that you survived a whole year of quarantine — or both! — chances are, you’re gonna grab a beverage that isn’t water tonight … Ahh Yes, bring on the drinks!🍺 But before you do…let’s have a little chit-chat about alcohol. I know you’re a smart cookie and you generally stick with low-calorie options like MichelobContinue reading “Tracking Alcohol”

Top 6 Exercise Hacks For Petites

If you’re wondering why certain exercises feel awkward for you, shorty… It has EVERYTHING to do with limb length. As women under 5’3”, the distance between our knees and ankles is shorter than everyone else. Those few inches can really make all the difference on certain exercises.  These hacks have been such a game changerContinue reading “Top 6 Exercise Hacks For Petites”


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Hi, I’m Kierstin. Being 5’0″, I know what it’s like to experience #shortgirlprobsespecially when it comes to health & fitness. Here, you’ll find tips, tricks and solutions to empower you to live a healthy lifestyle and be proud to be petite!

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