152. Digging into the Benefits and Basics of Growing Your Own Food

person holding a green plant

This episode is all about the joys of getting your hands dirty and growing your own produce at home. From the thrill of picking your own tomatoes to the satisfaction of creating a lush garden oasis, we’ll explore the many benefits of home gardening and share some tips and tricks for getting started.  So, grab […]

151. Petite Celebs at the 2023 Met Gala + Their Fitness Routines

Join me as we I share my favorite three petite celebrities who rocked the red carpet at the 2023 Met Gala. From Vanessa Hudgens (5’1”)  to Kim Kardashian (5’2”), we’ll break down their stunning looks and delve into their individualized fitness routines that help them maintain their tiny but mighty petite physiques. Get ready to […]

149. From Binge to Balance: How to Get Back on Track After a Weekend Bender

Raise your hand if you’ve ever woken up after a wild weekend bender, feeling like you need to hit the reset button! Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.  In this episode, I’m sharing personal stories of my most recent all-nighter and how I recovered from a gnarly hangover. So grab a glass of H2O and […]

148. Unlocking Muscle Growth with Mobility, Stretching, and Self-care

slim woman warming up while training alone on street sports ground

Get ready to unlock your gains with! We’re tackling a topic that’s often overlooked but crucial for unlocking those gains: mobility and stretching. We know, we know, it’s easy to skip the stretching and mobility work in favor of more exciting exercises. But trust us, this episode is not one to miss if you want […]