What I Wore This Week 👗 [Petite Edition]

While I love my petite self and am grateful every day for the 5′ body I’ve been given, I’ll be the first to admit that fashion for us vertically challenged women can be TRICKY! That’s why, this week, I wanted to share some of my go-to outfits and favorite everyday pieces with you (yes, this […]

140. The Surprising Benefits of Keeping a Photo Journal of What You Eat

Are you looking for an easy and effective way to improve your eating habits and reach your health goals? Then this episode is for you!  In this week’s episode, we explore the surprising benefits of keeping a photo journal of what you eat. From increased awareness and better portion control to identifying food allergies and […]

141. Ladies, Pump Up Your Chest, Wrists, & Forearms with These Top Exercises

In this week’s episode, we’re focusing on an area that many women (including us!) overlook in their workout routine: the chest, wrists, and forearms. These muscles play a role in daily activities like carrying groceries and are essential for balanced upper body strength but as women,  But which exercises are the most effective? Join us […]

142. Flexing Your Manners: A Hilarious Guide to Gym Etiquette

Welcome to our latest episode of “Gym Chronicles”, where we (Kier and Jess) share personal stories and laughs about our gym experiences! In this episode, we’re breaking down the dos and don’ts of gym etiquette with a comedic twist AND we’re diving into the hilarious and cringe-worthy moments that happen when we hit the gym. […]

139. Which Exercises Should You Squeeze Your Glutes On And Why You Have Hip Dips

Pssssstttt! Not all glute exercises require you to squeeze your cheeks at the top. In fact, in some circumstances, it could be the reason for that nasty low back pain. Find out which exercises require a good booty squeezing and which exercises the extra contraction is just not necessary. Ready for another shocker? #HipDips are […]