Holiday Gifts for the Lifters in your Life

Have you already started your holiday shopping? 🎁 Or are you racking your head around what each person on your list wants this year?  OR maybe you don’t even know what to put on your own wish list.🤔 Holiday shopping can be HARD …and STRESSFUL.😅  So, I wanted to share some gift ideas for the lifters in your life💪 (or […]

Let’s work WITH your bod in hormonal harmony

After witnessing the crazy power of working WITH our bodies/hormones in my own life by cycle syncing, I upgraded the level of support I provide you inside the program. Now, in addition to what I typically provide to help you reach your individual goals, I’m also promoting hormonal balance through nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle choices […]

You might be missing a *key* piece of nutrition…

We’re busting a HUGE nutrition myth right out of the gate today: Nutrition is SO MUCH F*CKING MORE than just “calories in vs. calories out” 👏 Let’s take a sec to give hormones the attention they deserve… Hormones have a significant impact on a woman’s health and fitness journey, especially for those who menstruate. Our […]

Did You Get The *D* Today?

photography of hand during sunset

When was the last time you got an ample dose of vitamin D? (No, this is not a sex joke, I’m talking about the real vitamin D) You know, the one that comes from the sun and helps us maintain a healthy immune system, fertility, cardiovascular health and soo much more ☀️ Don’t feel bad […]