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Stop Settling
for Average

When you think about how many alterations we need just to fit into our clothes, it’s really no surprise we’d need a modified approach for fitness as well.

The truth is… most workout programs out there are not short girl friendly.

If you want to take your fitness to the next level, those average programs just won’t cut it any longer.

Have FUN
Getting Stronger

Our coaches have been there, done that and are here to provide a solution with modified exercises that don’t feel awkward.

Our workouts are tailored specifically for petites so you can stay motivated and excited about getting fit!

What's Included

5 workouts per week

Each month you’ll receive 5 new short-girl-friendly workouts with detailed instructions to follow with ease.

Exercise Video Tutorials

Each exercise is accompanied with video demonstrations—performed by a petite— so that you feel confident performing each move safely and effectively for your compact body type.

Organized Progress Tracking

Easily log your weights, reps, sets, duration, body sats, upload progress pics, and even connect FitBit, Apple Watch, Garmin & Withings.

All-in-one Meal Tracker

Plan and track your meals using the large database or your own meal photos. Plus, gain full access to the Funsized recipe library for quick and fun meal ideas!

Petite Community Group Chat

Connect with like-minded & like-sized women in your program’s support group chat for inspiration, tips, fun resources, Q&A’s and more!

More than just a Workout App...

Receive Custom Macronutrient Targets

Your macros are as unique as you are. So why settle for average and impersonal calculations? 

After registration, our petite coaches will provide you with macro targets that actually make sense for your lifestyle and feel easy to hit on the daily. 

Because we all know nutrition plays a large part in actually achieving results! 

Gain Full Access to the Funsized Recipe Library

Looking for healthy meals to go with those kick-ass workouts?

We’ve got you covered with dozens of our favorite recipes that will make your daily cooking experience easier with short recipe videos and images that guide you through the process!

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Quit settling for average. 

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