The Funsized Fitness App

Say goodbye to the struggles of generic workouts, and hello to a fitness experience that truly understands and celebrates your uniqueness with the strength training workout app designed *just* for women under 5’3”

Let's Be Real–

Gym equipment isn’t exactly designed for ladies under 5’3”.🙄

Unfortunately, those awkward and uncomfortable exercises don’t just kill your vibe; they also hinder your progress.😰

The gym should be a place where you feel comfortable and empowered — not frustrated and limited.

That’s where the Funsized Fitness App comes to the rescue!

Talk about a total body workout... 😑

Have we met yet?

Hi, I'm Kier👋

Standing only 5’0″, I know exactly how awkward and isolating it can feel to be in the gym, attempting exercises that just weren’t made for our smaller frames…

It’s not just awkward; it’s downright discouraging, right?🫤

That’s why I wanted to create a real game-changer for all the short girls out there: workouts that are designed with your height in mind, ensuring every exercise is optimized for your petite frame.


The Funsized Fitness App

A monthly workout subscription  designed just for women under 5’3″ with strength-training workouts that are enjoyable🎉, efficient⌚️, and, above all, effective.🤓

So that you —a seasoned petite lifter who prefers to hit the gym solo but still craves guidance from a coach— can continue to make progress towards a stronger (yet feminine) body month by month! 


How It Works

Workout Details:

New Workouts Every Month

At the beginning of each calendar month, you'll receive a fresh batch of 5 strength-training workouts.

Short & Sweet Exercise Demos

Each exercise is accompanied by super concise videos, so you can learn the ropes without wasting a moment of your precious time.

Progress Tracking

Track your sets, reps, and weights used directly within the app, making it easy to gauge your strength for your next session.

Get in + Get out

Workouts are designed to take just 20-45 minutes each, fitting into your busy schedule effortlessly (because I know you ain't got all day!)

Strength + Asethetic focused

You'll build strength through heavy lifts, kick up the intensity with super sets, and shape your body with bodybuilding styled splits.

Keep killing it month after month

To keep things exciting, you'll be cycling through various training phases and styles each month, ensuring you stay motivated and continue to make progress.

What else is included...

Program Options

Select the option that vibes with you!


Designed for the home-body who has a collection of muscle-building gadgets & gizmos.​

At minimum, you’ll need: dumbbells (~5-20lbs), resistance bands, box/bench/step, + yoga mat


Designed for the gym-babe who wants to utilize all-the-things that align with her short stature.​

You’ll need: DBs, BBs, weight plates
, squat rack or smith machine, cables, box/bench/step, + minimal machines like lat pulldown


100% tailored to fit your individual needs, schedule, and available equipment

Due to the attentive support provided by coach Kier for this option, it is priced higher to reflect the level of care involved. **This is workouts only, if you are looking for help with nutrition check out my VIP program**

What you're about to heighten with this app...


Perform exercises that work best for the petite body + use short girl hacks when necessary so that you stop dreading exercising and start actually being ~EXCITED~ to lift heavy sh*t.


Continue to make progress towards a stronger (yet feminine) body —rather than staying stuck where you're at this time next year.


Admire your newfound muscle definition in the mirror + revel in knowing that you could take b*tches down even though you’re half their size (I mean, if you had to...)


Walk into your gym with your head held high, knowing exactly what to do, so that you can crush your fit girl goals!

Don’t just take our word for it

Here's what your funsized friends are saying...

Your questions answered

What petite powerhouses ask before saying YES to fitness that FITS...

Great Question! Most workouts will take you between 20-40 minutes to complete.

Yup! Many clients crush home lifts with just dumbbells + bands 🙂 At minimum, you’ll need dumbbells(~5-25lbs), bands, a box/bench/step, and a yoga mat for the home program. But it is definitely helpful to have additional things like a barbell, stability ball, and weight plates if you can get ’em!

These workouts are not a PDF or excel document; they are app based. By subscribing to the app, you’ll get access to so many more goodies (like the progress tracking, exercise demos, recipe collection, and group chat!)

These workouts are created for intermediate petite lifters who’ve got the basics down. I throw in modifications and suggested swaps at the start of each workout so you can tweak the intensity, to match your fitness level or how you’re feeling that day. If you’re a beginner with a knack for quick learning, this program might suit you, but if lifting is new territory, I strongly recommend kicking off with an in-person trainer for a bit. Ultimately, this subscription is tailored for seasoned petite lifters who prefer going solo but still crave guidance. 

Brace yourself to get stronger—lift more, do more reps, and boost your muscle endurance (note: this isn’t the same as cardio endurance). 

What NOT to Expect: This isn’t a magic wand. Quick, drastic changes aren’t on the menu. Your results hinge on factors like commitment, genetics, and lifestyle (including nutrition) outside the program. So, if you’re looking for a body-transformation type thing, check out my 1:1 VIP program instead. 

Consistency is the name of the game when it comes to seeing noticeable and sustainable results! It’s essential to understand that this is a journey, not a sprint. You’ll start feeling stronger and noticing changes after a couple of months of sticking to the program.

You can cancel anytime, no hard feeling 🙂  There are no fees to cancel (+ there are also no refunds) so if you’re planning to cancel, I recommend doing so before your renewal date to avoid be charged.

Quit Settling for Average

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