Standing at exactly 5 feet tall,

I know what it’s like to experience #ShortGirlProblems
all. the. time.

But it runs deeper than simply not being able to reach the top shelf or finding clothes that actually fit petite proportions – that are actually on trend, might I add!

For a long time, I felt limited by my height in many aspects of life – like being taken seriously in the work-field and ESPECIALLY when it came to losing weight in a safe and healthy way. 

After trying what felt like everything out there – to no avail – and suffering from the negative consequences of them, I came to the conclusion that almost all programs and approaches out there are designed for people of average height and were wreaking havoc on my #TinyButMighty frame. 

What started as a personal fitness journey turned into unrelenting determination to provide a realistic solution and a balanced approach for petite women to maintain a healthy lifestyle that actually aligned with their unique bodies.  

By applying The Funsized™ Formula in my own life, I’m not only all-around stronger from properly fueling my body but I’ve learned to view my short stature as my superpower and I no longer feel limited by my height (except when I can’t reach the top shelf, I still can’t do that, hehe).

Sure, there will always be #shortgirlproblems but I’m on a mission to provide women under 5’3″ with the resources and tools that empower them to reach their highest selves!

Whether you’re looking for short-girl-friendly workouts, tasty recipes, or trendy petite clothes, I’ve got so many #little goodies that are FIT for a PETITE!


Kierstin was born & raised on Long Island, NY, graduated from Flagler College in Florida, and now resides in Las Vegas, NV. She’s has a Bachelor’s degree in Education, a NASM certified personal trainer, a Precision Nutrition certified sport nutritionist, C.H.E.K. Institute certified holistic health coach, a former NPC(amateur) & ANBF(natural pro) bikini competitor, a published model, and the host of The Funsized Podcast.