Holiday Gifts for the Lifters in your Life

Have you already started your holiday shopping? 🎁 Or are you racking your head around what each person on your list wants this year? 

OR maybe you don’t even know what to put on your own wish list.🤔

Holiday shopping can be HARD …and STRESSFUL.😅 

So, I wanted to share some gift ideas for the lifters in your life💪 (or maybe just give you some things to put on your wish list, let’s be honest😛).

 Gym Bag Stocking Stuffers:

Deadlift Jack

These lil’ guys make loading and unloading heavy weights for deadlifts way easier and less strenuous. Just wedge this under the first plate, and roll the plate into the groove! The best part? They’re silicone so they’re light and easy to pack in your gym bag! 

Glute Kickback Straps 

These straps also allow you to lead with your heel (rather than your ankle or ball of your foot) which will activate more glute muscles. I love how they don’t fall off or dig into your skin during the most intense sets.

Barbell Collar Clips

Can we just talk about how much easier these are to use than the metal clips?

Magnetic Phone Mount & Holder

This attaches to anything metal so it’s great for recording workout videos without dealing with a bulky tripod. 

Pro Tip: Recording lifts isn’t just for influencers! Assessing your lifts on camera can be valuable for refining your form.

Liquid Chalk

If you struggle with sweaty hands affecting your grip, this one’s for you. It’s basically a mess-free way to get a better grip on barbells, pull-up bars — you name it! Truthfully, I haven’t tried this yet BUT I’ve heard amazing things!

Find even more small gift ideas here!

Home Gym Glow Up:

Landmine Base

Easily transforms your barbell into a landmine. The post inserts into weight plates, allowing you to reposition it within your space, and once it’s set up, it stays put!

Multi-Utility Bench 

I love when a piece of equipment serves multiple purposes! This bench not only adjusts for flat, incline, and decline exercises but also allows you to perform leg extensions and leg curls.

Foldable Treadmill 

For those days when you want to get your steps in without leaving the house AND, not to mention, the space-saving convenience.

Equipment & Accessory Storage 

For my ladies who like everything to look clean and tidy!

HipThrust Platform 

This light-weight platform will make setting up for hip thrusts wayyy less daunting. Plus, it’s easy to store!

See more of my home gym favorites here!

Perfect For Petites:

2POOD 3” petite weight lifting belt

Adding a belt to your weightlifting routine can provide support for your lower back, especially during heavy lifting exercises such as deadlifts. This company makes 3” belts for our shorter torso in sizes XXXS-M.

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