You might be missing a *key* piece of nutrition…

We’re busting a HUGE nutrition myth right out of the gate today:

Nutrition is SO MUCH F*CKING MORE than just “calories in vs. calories out” 👏

Let’s take a sec to give hormones the attention they deserve…

Hormones have a significant impact on a woman’s health and fitness journey, especially for those who menstruate.

Our hormones affect…

Our energy levels

Our strength & endurance

Our metabolism & appetite

Our risk for injury

Our mood

Our motivation 

^^All of which play a major role in your results/success on a fitness journey.

That’s why I started personally cycle syncing and why I now incorporate it into my 1:1 coaching support. 

Here’s how it works:

As females, being able to wake up and expect to feel exactly the same everyday of the month is just NOT a thing for us. 

Why? Because our bodies function in a cyclical manner. 

This is nothing to be bummed about or feel victimized by though!

Because if we can ACCEPT the natural ebb and flow to the elements in our lives (and learn to sync what we do in our routines to our cycles), we can use this to our advantage

So you can wave goodbye to shame, guilt, and anxiety 👋

And say hello to having grace and inner peace ✌️☮️

(Check out the caption of this recent IG post for more info about this!)

And working WITH our cycle rather than against it doesn’t have to be a huge life shift either.

Here’s an example:

You can start by recognizing that your energy + motivation is typically lowest just before your period starts. 

Then, rather than beating yourself up for not having the motivation to workout (like you did 2 weeks ago when you were an ovulating goddess 😇)…

You prioritize + schedule rest days, deload weeks and/or restorative exercise.

You know how we’ve been talking about giving yourself grace the last few weeks? That plays a huge role here too.

Allowing yourself acceptance and compassion as you move through various phases of your cycle helps us move forward and make progress faster because we’re not dwelling on all the intense workouts we “missed.” 

(Sound familiar?)

So how do you start practicing “cycle syncing” or “phase specific living” in your life?

My fav tip for getting started: Try dialing up or down the workout intensity (hint: ovulation is usually prime time for high intensity!) and/or try different modalities of exercise during each phase.

For me, personally, right now my cycle syncing consists of 

✅ Scheduling socialization activities near ovulation

✅ Setting work-related boundaries during my luteal + menstrual phase

✅ Taking a deload week leading up to my period (aka I intentionally lift lighter, skip a workout or two, and generally just ease things back)

Want more tips and insight on getting started with cycle syncing? 

→ Make sure to keep an eye out for next week’s email (it’s a juicy one!) 👀

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