Did You Get The *D* Today?

photography of hand during sunset

When was the last time you got an ample dose of vitamin D? (No, this is not a sex joke, I’m talking about the real vitamin D)

You know, the one that comes from the sun and helps us maintain a healthy immune system, fertility, cardiovascular health and soo much more ☀️

Don’t feel bad if you’re not getting enough of the D lately (we all go through droughts 😉)—you’re not alone, 41% of us in the US have a vitamin D deficiency. Yikes!

But why should you ACTUALLY give a f*ck about getting your vitamin D?

  • You want to be happy/feel good, right? → Vitamin D has been linked to mood regulation. (Its deficiency has been associated with conditions like depression…womp womppppp ☹️)
  • Mood disorders (like PMDD!!) can be influenced by hormonal imbalances, and vitamin D’s role in mood regulation impacts your hormonal health.
  • Without enough {vitamin} D, we can’t effectively absorb calcium—which, long story short, means our immune systems are more vulnerable.
  • Your period cramps may be more painful, your cycles may be longer, your fertility may suffer (men too), your skin can become dry and dull, and your hair may even fall out when vitamin D levels in the body drop.

Need I say more?

So if you haven’t gotten the D today, I challenge you to spend 15 minutes outside 🙂

Let’s just get some fresh air + sunshine!

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