157. Funsized Success Story with Liz Ulhman

In this inspiring episode, my 5’0″ client, Liz, shares her experience in my 1:1 VIP coaching program for petite women.

Before working with me, Liz had been doing a lot of the right things and was beyond confused why her efforts hadn’t amounted to anything. With just a few personalized adjustments to her lifestyle, Liz experienced *consistent* progress like never before! 

In just 16 weeks, Liz lost 10 lbs, gained confidence in the gym (so it no longer feels like a chore but rather, a source of empowerment!), and has a much better relationship with food and fitness overall. Get ready to be motivated and empowered by Liz’s uplifting story as she takes the stage to share her remarkable journey. 

Click here to see more of her transformation and learn about the strategy we used.

To learn more & apply for my 1:1 VIP coaching program, go to www.funsized.life/coaching

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