How To Work With Me

Have you been wanting to crank your health and fitness up a notch (or a couple notches) but don’t know where the actual f*ck to start?I feel you!!

These days, it seems like the options to help average people get in shape are absolutely endless

But what all those “average” programs fail to do with their one-size-fits-all approach is create strategies *specifically* tailored to us petite women who are working with smaller statures to start!

As a nutrition & fitness coach for petites for the past 5 years, and as a petite myself who was formerly brainwashed into thinking I had to ~1200 calories for years, resulting in a slew of hormonal problems…I’ve seen it all.

I can’t even begin to explain how disheartening it was to hear story after story of petite women so frustrated and just straight-up CONFUSED because they were unable to achieve their fitness goals after being clumped into a broader demographic and not receiving the right info/guidance for them.

That’s when the Funsized Life brand was born.

If your health and fitness efforts haven’t been working or seem to STOP working at a certain point that you just can’t push past…it might be time to get started with a solution specifically designed for your shorty self.

Here are the two ways you can work with me right now to get in the best shape of your life as a petite baddie 😉

1. VIP Health & Fitness Coaching 

The only 1:1 fully customized nutrition & fitness coaching program for women under 5’3″ to look and feel powerfully petite in as little as 16 weeks!

From performing the right exercises to dealing with metabolic differences and unique nutritional needs, we’ll work together to create a customized fitness and nutrition plan that’s tailored to your unique, petite needs.


Screw a one-size-fits-all program! This custom coaching program is made up of three juicy af ingredients 👅👇

  1. Education: We’ll start by rewiring everything you *think* you know about food & fitness so you can start working WITH your petite bod instead of against it.

    (The more you understand WHY your shorter stature requires a slightly different approach, the easier it will be to maintain it!)
  2. Strategy: Together, we’ll design a healthier lifestyle that feels easy and enjoyable to implement.

    We’ll work together to create meals you’re actually wicked excited about, and workouts that leave you feeling like a total baddie!
  3. Accountability: Having a cheerleader in your back pocket (literally!) when the going gets tough (because you KNOW it happens) is the one ingredient to this process that glues all these pieces together in order to make a *new* you come to fruition.


  • The Funsized Fitness App (your new all-in-one tracking dashboard to keep your sh*t organized and yourself on track)
  • Progressive training with workouts 100% tailored to YOU (your body + your goals)
  • Daily nutrition support to meet your daily Personalized Macronutrient Targets with ease and create meals you’re pumped about
  • 24/7 Accountability (get support and guidance every step of the way via Zoom calls and unlimited direct messaging)
  • The Petite F*t B*tch Community where you can connect with and gain support from like-minded (and like-sized) women on a similar journey as you

VIP coaching is a perfect fit for you if…

  • You’re NOT looking for a quick fix. You know it’s going to take time but you want results that are going to be long-lasting and you’ve got the time to commit to working on you.
  • You’re done trying to get “skinny” and “toned.” Instead, you want to look and feel strong, sexy, and more confident.
  • After trying to cut calories, with no positive results, you’re low-key concerned your calories might be too low but you’re scared to tackle that monster alone. You want someone who’s been through the process to hold your hand through the process and be there to keep you accountable.
  • Food is basically your love language but you often feel limited by what you can eat. You want to have a better relationship with food. 
  • You’re pretty damn self-aware and you see the value in working on both your mind and body. You’re excited about the impact a program like this will have on so many other aspects in your life!

Are you ready for VIPetite treatment? 😉 >>> Click here to apply for a VIP spot!

2. Join the Funsized Fitness App

Designed by petites for petites, the Funsized Fitness App is a monthly workout subscription for women under 5’3” who might not be ready to commit to 1:1 coaching. 

The app has everything a short girl needs to get in your best shape and feel stronger while having FUN!

Choose the program option that best fits your lifestyle! Your options are…

  1. Home (providing you with all home workouts)
  2. Gym (designed for the gym-goer)
  3. Personalized (for the total baddie who has an assortment of exercise equipment and wants a custom plan to fit her unique needs)


  • 5 Short-girl-friendly workouts per week (with exercise video tutorials)
  • Organized progress tracking
  • Full access to the Funsized Recipe Library
  • All-in-one meal tracker
  • Petite community group chat

The Funsized App is a perfect fit for you if…

  • You’re a busy bee who ain’t got time for in-person appointments but you want the expertise of a trainer to design workouts that fit your body size
  • You’re the type of person who doesn’t need hand holding. You’re like, “Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it!”
  • You’re curious about what it’s like to work with me and you wanna try me out  before you commit to a 4-6 month 1:1 program.
  • You want realistic workouts that challenge you, (but don’t drain or burn you out) so that you actually look forward to your workouts.

Pick your program and start having fun while getting stronger! 👇>>> Get started on the app!

Not sure which solution would be perfect for your petite bod? → Reach out on Instagram and let me know what questions you have! We can figure it out together. 

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