NOT waking up every day in a petite bod you LOVE? [Open me!]

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If I had to guess…You’ve been going at it (your health & fitness journey) alone for quite some time now, haven’t you?

You’re no stranger to dedication and hard work, whether we’re talking about in the gym, at your job, or other areas of your life. But despite all the effort you’ve put in, you’re continuously disappointed (not to mention frustrated) by the results

The mass amounts of free info online are no longer helping. If anything, the amount of conflicting insights on how to feed and tone your petite bod is just confusing!

So, what are your options to getting comfortable and confident in your own bod? The way I see it, you have three:

  1. Continue doing what you’re doing (and continue seeing the same results—or lack thereof).
  2. Sign up for average health & fitness coaching (and see average results).
  3. Enroll in health & fitness coaching tailored to petites and customized for YOU.  

So what happens when you DON’T invest in petite fitness & health coaching to help you achieve your goals?

I can guess life starts to look a little something like this…

☀️ Wake up not feeling your best in your body and mad at yourself for not working out yesterday.

🥞 Eat whatever you can find for breakfast, not aware of how it may be impacting your energy that day.

💻 Work through the day, taking a break to mindlessly each lunch, before going back to sitting at your desk the rest of the day.

🛋️ You’re tired after work, and you don’t even know exactly WHAT to do at the gym, so you decide to skip it altogether and watch some TV instead.

🛏️ Finally, you go to bed, still not living confidently in the body that you’re in and wishing you could change things.

Can you get results WITHOUT a coach? Yes, absolutely! 

The difference is hugely the time and energy. 

Both getting the bod you want and deserve with a coach vs without will require time and energy/effort on your end regardless.

The question is—how much time and energy do you want to invest?

With a coach, you’re optimizing your time and efforts. By working with an experienced coach who already knows how to help you + your petite frame specifically, you’re getting the maximum return on investment for energy/effort. This, in turn, also speeds up results.

Of course, another benefit of partnering up with a fitness coach is the accountability. With a petite health & fitness coach, you don’t have when you go it alone, instead, gaining full support from a fellow shorty who GETS IT.

Most fitness programs you’ll find out there are developed with a “one-size-fits-all” mentality. 

Rather than taking into consideration the unique needs and challenges petite women face when it comes to fitness and nutrition, they clump us in with all the other guys/gals and then wonder why we don’t get the same level of results.

By working with a health and nutrition coach dedicated to transforming petite women like you (eh-em, me!), you’re doubling down on optimizing your time and the effort you’re putting in. 

So you not only see a change, but see the change you WANT in your shorter stature in half the time.

If you’re sick of following all the “rules” and doing all the “right” things and NOT waking up each day in a body you love, let’s work together to make it happen.

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