Who should NOT be counting macros 🙅‍♀️

Should YOU be counting macros? → Let’s talk about it!

(Not familiar with what macros are? Check out last week’s email with the subject line “What TF are macros + do I really need to count them??”)

Take it from me…

When you see how counting macros works on your body firsthand (ie. the weight loss, muscle growth, and  increase in energy that can result), it will feel like the coolest science experiment ever. 

(Talk about some real Bill Nye the Science Guy sh*t 😂)

But! That’s not to say counting macros will be beneficial for EVERYONE. Let’s talk about who macro counting is NOT for.

If you check any of the boxes below, you probably don’t need to be keeping track of your daily macos:

🔲 You have no specific dietary goals or restrictions.

🔲 You are generally maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

🔲 You do NOT have any specific health or fitness goals like losing body fat, building muscle, or enhancing athletic performance.

🔲 You have or had disordered eating and feel thinking about macros may be triggering or uncomfortable.  

With that being said, if you DO have specific fitness or health goals and/or want to learn how to be in control of your nutrition, counting macros can be your passport to a world of flavor, energy, and a healthy life you enjoy ✨

Keep in mind, everyone’s macro needs are different.

If you do decide that counting macros would benefit you, here are my top three tips to get started:

  1. DON’T use a macro calculator to set your goals—at least not at first. Tune into this podcast episode to learn how to find your starting targets! 
  2. Try using a meal tracker like the one in the Funsized App to help you hit your daily numbers.
  3. Embrace Flexibility! Counting macros should not feel restrictive or rigid so don’t be afraid to mix things up, enjoy a variety of foods, and give yourself the freedom to indulge in your favorite treats every now and then. 

Have more questions before deciding if counting macros is right for you?

Message me on Instagram @funsized.life_ and let me know—I’m here for you!

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