How To Get Over Weight Plateaus

Before you get to stressing over the scale not moving, AGAIN ⁠(despite doing all the right things 🙄)…

Let me reassure you: Plateaus are actually a very good sign.

These “pauses” in progress are actually a NORMAL part of the journey to long-lasting sustainable results.

(Read that last part again)

There are 3 reasons WHY you may be stuck in a weight plateau:

1: Stress—When our bodies are stressed out, we tend to hold onto a little bit of fluff, especially around the midsection (it’s a survival mechanism to protect our inner organs).

2: Building muscle—If you’re building muscle while also losing fat, the scale won’t always reflect that. (Pro tip: This is why we take progress pictures!)

3: Your body has adapted—Whenever we introduce something new to our bodies (like a change in our workout routine or adjustments to macros), our systems need time to acclimate and adapt to that challenge.⁠

It’s like giving it a chance to catch their breath and say, “Alright, I got this!”

Once our body is finished adapting to that new thing and you see that progress slow down (aka the number on the scale plateaus), it could be telling you “Okay, I’m ready for what’s next, BRING IT!”⁠😈💪🏼⁠⁠

If you don’t allow this process to happen and you keep overloading your system with the next thing, you’re going to feel burned TF out (sound familiar?)⁠

Now, here’s an important reminder: Just because the scale might be showing a plateau doesn’t automatically mean you’re stuck in a plateau.

→ ⁠There’s a whole lot of factors that determine scale weight and ya gotta look at the BIG PICTURE.⁠

And, let’s PLEASE not forget about those non-scale victories (increased energy, clothes fitting better, clearer skin, etc), because they’re more important than a silly lil’ number and da real MVPs of your journey.⁠

So, what’s my advice for petites who are stuck in a plateau with their progress?

The first step is to recognize WHY you may be stuck (which of the reasons above fit your specific situation?).

I’ll give you an example—my 1:1 coaching client messaged me the other day, stressing out about this very topic.

I gave her all the same info, and her weight actually DROPPED the very next day (before we changed anything).

Here’s what she shared about it on her stories:

“This is huge for me. In the last month and a half, I have dropped some weight and truly dropped an old mindset.
I am shedding beliefs about myself. I am gaining clarity, muscle, discipline.
It’s not about being ‘skinny.’ It’s about liking myself. Being accountable for my health. Setting myself up for a lifetime of joy.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself! 👏

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