154. Short Girl Gym Hacks (Part 2)

It’s time for part 2! Get ready to take your fitness game to new heights with these six brand new short girl gym hacks that will blow your mind!

⁠1) Pull-ups ⁠

⁠2) Deadlifts ⁠

⁠3) Sumo Deadlifts ⁠

⁠4) Hip thrusts “booster seat”⁠

⁠5) Standing Hamstring Curl⁠

⁠6) Lat Pulldown ⁠

Trust me when I say that these hacks will take your exercises to a whole new level of effectiveness! So, whether you’re a dedicated follower of The Funsized Podcast or you’re just joining us for the first time, get ready to discover six new short girl gym hacks that will revolutionize your fitness routine. 


If you haven’t caught Part 1 yet (Episode 95), don’t worry—I’ve got your back! You can easily scroll back or click here to catch up on all the awesomeness.

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