What to Wear as a Wedding Guest (Petite Edition)

Wedding season is upon us!

(Personally, this is one of my favorite times of the year. Love is great an all, but what I REALLY get excited about is any excuse to dress up 😅)

Whether you’re planning on going stag, with a friend, or your partner, this is your opportunity to show off your favorite feature on that rockin’ petite bod of yours.

So, in case you don’t have an outfit picked out for that next wedding yet, here are my recommended wedding guest dresses to show off your favorite part of your petite bod!


As a petite, you’ll want to avoid heavy fabrics or designs that drown your silhouette. This is where mini-dresses come in!

Minidresses are not only a flattering option for petites across the board, but they allow you to show off those toned legs of yours 😉

Here are two of my fav wedding guest mini-dresses:

🔥 Best Bow Dress
🔥 Zara Strapless Tulle Dress

Arms & Shoulders

When it comes to showing off your arms and shoulders, it’s all about the neckline. A strapless or off-the-shoulder dress will draw the eye to your upper body and show off your shoulders, arms, and collar bone.

Have a bigger bust and need some straps for support? Go for a halter dress. The angled cut and coverage of a halter dress will keep all eyes on your toned arms.

Here are a few of my favorites:

🔥 Banana Republic Halter Pleated Maxi Dress
🔥 x REVOLVE Leni Midi Dress


You have several options for flattering necklines if you’re wanting to accentuate your cleavage but a deep V-neck will always be *the* best option to show off your bust.

Here are a few of my favorites to show highlight your chest while keeping it classy (we are at a wedding, after all):

🔥 Abercrombie Plunge V-Neck Midi Dress
🔥 Dreamy Date Dark Green Surplice Midi Dress


When I want to accentuate my petite posterior, I always opt for fitted dresses.

If you want to play up your booty at your next wedding or event, give these budget-friendly favorites of mine a try:

🔥 Old Navy Fitted One-Shoulder Double-Strap Rib-Knit Midi Dress
🔥 Forever Your Girl Bodycon Dress

And of course, I couldn’t end this email without talking about my favorite wedding guest dress of all time: The Dainty Dainty Midi Dress (from my Funsized Boutique)! 

This classy AF dress accentuates your legs AND décolletage (but hides the gun show💪)

P.S. Want to be feeling more confident than ever when you show up at your next wedding? Sign up for the Funsized App where you’ll get a monthly workout program, organized progress and meal tracking, and so much more! (Basically, it’s a lil accountability partner in your pocket so you never have to go alone at this again)

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