Workout Gear To Make Your Petite Posterior POP

Last week, for part #3 of Dat Ass April, I shared with you my three favorite glute growing exercises. (Missed that post? Search my blog for the headline 3 exercises that made my butt unrecognizable 🤯)

But I had an “oh sh*t” moment, realizing I totally forgot to hook you up with links to some of my favorite workout gear to use during those exercises.

So to make it up to you…

Here are my 5 favorite pieces of workout equipment to build the booty:

1. Barbell pad for heavy hip thrusts & split squats

I use a barbell pad during hip thrusts and split squats to help to make them more comfortable and to avoid bruising my hips.

 2. Glute kickback straps for cable machine

These kickback straps are designed to fit snugly around your shoes and help you perform glute-targeting movements with greater control and stability

These straps also allow you to lead with your heel (rather than your ankle or ball of your foot) which will activate more glute muscles.

I love bringing my own straps to use when I workout on the cable machine because they don’t fall off or dig into your skin during the most intense sets.

3. Short 12” Plyo Box for hip thrusts

With a lower platform, you can make sure you’re getting the most out of your hip thrusts and maximizing those glute gains.

These Plyo Boxes are also great for step-ups!

4. Fabric resistance bands

Also known as booty bands, these provide extra non-slip resistance and can be worn for almost any glute exercise.

Where one of these around your thighs, knees, or ankles to externally rotate hips + activate your gluteus minimus (resulting in a rounded out booty)!  

5. 2POOD 3” petite weight lifting belt

Adding a belt to your weightlifting routine can provide support for your lower back, especially during heavy lifting exercises such as deadlifts.

The more support you can offer your lower back, the more your glutes will effectively engage! This company makes 3” belts for our shorter torso in sizes XXXS-M.

Important note → While these pieces of equipment are NOT required by any means, they are super helpful in making your workouts more comfy and effective as you grow your booty.

Curious to try one of these out (or maybe you already have a piece of this equipment) but don’t know exactly what using it looks like? 👀

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All I know is summer’s COMING, and I’m trying to pull up in the skimpiest, booty popping bikini I can find 😎

What about you, girl? Will I see you in the app?

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