3 Exercises That Made My Booty Unrecognizable

Confession time:

I didn’t always have the booty I’ve worked hard to achieve today 😬

While I’ve always had a little somethin’ back there (genetics gonna genetic!), compared to today, my ass was once FLAT 😳

Now, there’s no shame in a flat ass. And at Funsized Life, we appreciate every make, model, and generation of booty out there.

But since it is Dat Ass April, I thought today would be the perfect time to clue you in on how I went from 🥞status to 👇

Here are the 3 exercises I’ve done *consistently* for years that made my butt unrecognizable:

1: Hip Thrusts

These bad boys take the cake for the BEST booty-building exercise out there.

When done properly, hip thrusts allow you to lift heavier weight and work your glutes through a full range of motion (remember talking about full range of motion the first week of Dat Ass April? 😉).

This activates all three glute muscles (maximus, medius, and minimus) to the max.

Pro Tip: Use a shorter platform like a 10-12″ plyo box or set up risers so that it hits just below your shoulder blades when you sit on the floor (like this). 

And don’t forget to check yourself during the lift—your knees should be higher OR at the same height from the ground as your shoulders. (This will put the focus on your glutes and hamstrings rather than your quads.)

2: Deadlifts

When I say dead lifts, I mean all variations—traditional, sumo, and straight leg…

How it works → The movement of the deadlift involves hip extension (shortening of the glutes), which is a key movement for targeting the glute muscles.

Added bonus: Deadlifts also allow you to lift heavier weights than many other exercises, which can help you achieve progressive overload and stimulate muscle growth.

Pro Tip: If you want more range of motion on a deadlift, stand on a platform like risers or weight plates (like this).

3: Lunges & Split Squat Variations

My booty LIVES for lunges and split squat variations because they allow you to work each leg independently.

This ensures that your dominant leg doesn’t take over and leave your weaker leg behind (no one wants a half-assed ass, am I right? 😘).

To do these exercises in a way that optimizes booty growth, make sure you’re leaning forward slightly to activate those glutes.

How it works → By leaning forward, you shift your weight onto your front foot, which places more stress on the glutes as they work to push you back up.

Pro Tip: The length of your stride can change which muscles get the most love during the exercise.

Taking a big step will hit the glutes and hamstrings more. But, if you’re looking to target your quadriceps more, take a short step.

Both strides will get your legs and glutes stronger. So, mix it up and have fun with your lunges!

Want even more hot tips on building a booty as well-rounded as your bright & shining personality? 😉

→ Check out episode 129 of the Funsized Life podcast, “The Best Booty Building Exercises,” where Jess and I talk about our fitness favorites!

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