The Biggest Booty Growth Myths—BUSTED!

woman lifting barbell

It’s week #2 of Dat Ass April over here, and you KNOW I had to call out some biiiig booty myths that have been flying under too many petites’ radars (sound the alarm!) 🚨

Now, I dunno about you, but while my goal first and foremost with fitness and health is ALWAYS to look and feel my best for ME…I definitely don’t hate the added bonus of walking into a room and feeling my partner look at me like this ⬇️👀 

So let’s make a pact to NEVER let any of these glutes growth myths hold us back from our best butt ever again because, after all, it’s not just for us…but for the people! 🤣

MYTH #1: “Squats are the best exercise for glute growth”

While squats do activate the glutes, they also work the quadriceps, hamstrings, and lower back muscles. This means that the workload is distributed across multiple muscle groups. 

Plus, many people have difficulty applying progressive overload and/or properly activating their glutes during squats, which can limit the amount of muscle growth that occurs (Hi, it’s me! 🙋‍♀️ My strong AF quads take over the movement). 

TRUTH →  Studies show that exercises like hip thrusts and deadlifts ACTUALLY promote glute growth more than squats.

MYTH #2: “Glute activation exercises are more important than compound exercises”

While glute activation exercises can help activate the glutes, they are not enough on their own to build significant muscle mass. 

TRUTH →  Instead, a good booty-building program includes both glute activation and heavy compound movements 👌

MYTH #3: “Glutes are grown in the gym”

This one gets a LOT of us. But this is not what I teach my petite 1:1 coaching clients or those in the Funsized app…

Don’t get me wrong—hitting the gym and working those glutes is important! Hower, the ACTUAL growth and development of the glutes happens outside of the gym when you’re just chilling. 

TRUTH →  To give those booty muscles of yours enough time to grow and develop, it’s important to intentionally give these muscles space to rest and recover after a workout

Pro Tip: Getting enough calories (protein, carbs, AND fats) and having a good sleep routine will be *key* for maximum booty gains.

So tell me—is your mind blown right now?

I’m so curious to hear → which of these booty growth myths have you been unknowingly believing? Comment and let me know!

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