The Golden Rule of Glutes for Short Girlies

Welcome to Dat Ass April! 🎉

That’s right, I’ve waited ALL year (ok, three whole months) to say that. Because this month is allllllll about DIY-ing a perky as hell booty for your naturally shorter stature 😉

So without further ado, let’s reveal the #1 Golden Rule of Glutes for us littler ladies…

The #1 rule of glutes = Progressive overload

What’s progressive overload? → Basically, this means consistently challenging your booty muscles by using increasingly heavier weights or resistance over time.

However, there’s one more thing that needs to be considered to help maximize glute growth—especially for petite women: Full range of motion

Full range of motion means when you incorporate a full range of motion with that particular body part during a workout (i.e. the glute muscles are stretched to their fullest extent, which helps to activate more muscle fibers and promote greater muscle growth).

Using full range of motion during your glute exercises is particularly important for *some* of us petite women (I say *some* because not all petite women have the same body proportions) because we’re already much closer to the ground than taller people and *some* exercise equipment does not fit our short limb length.

Pro Tip: To ensure you’re getting full range of motion during your booty workouts, try using short girl gym hacks like standing on a platform for sumo deadlifts (example here!), and using a barbell for split squats (example here!).

With that being said, your first homework assignment for Dat Ass April is simple—start incorporating progressive overload into your glute workouts (specifically on  hip thrusts, split squats, and deadlifts) by increasing the weight you use with every set — even if it’s just 2.5lbs! And don’t forget to use full range of motion.

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