130. How To Deal With Food Anxiety Over The Holidays

roasted turkey on white ceramic plate


Let me guess…

  • You feel like you totally over-do it during the holidays every. damn. year.
  • You’re afraid of all your hard work being erased over these next few weeks filled with party after party after party…
  • You want to enjoy stuffing, mashed potatoes –and don’t forget the pumpkin pie!  but you feel like you need a strategy to avoid that annoying belly bloat that makes you unbutton your pants…

If there was a simple straight-forward strategy for you to enjoy ALL the FUN foods without feeling like you’ve ruined your progress…would you finally feel confident to actually eat mindfully?

Well, I have good news, sweet-pea…

These 8 Holiday Hacks will help you prevent unnecessary fat gain this holiday season!

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