126. Breaking Barriers in the Modeling Industry with Britney Wittes – Founder of ‘Why Not Petites’


Exclusion is so last season

Britney Wittes started modeling and acting at 10 years old. As she got older (but not taller), she started to notice the amount of jobs she was offered was slowly diminishing — simply because she didn’t meet the 5’7″ height requirement for most of the modeling opportunities.

Now, she stands proud at 5’3″ and is making big waves in the modeling and fashion industry! She founded a community where petite models can feel seen, heard, and empowered to reach their full potential. Why Not Petites offers valuable resources for models and aspiring models, to learn, flourish, and slay the camera! 

Learn more about Why Not Petites 👇🏼 

Website: www.whynotpetites.com

Instagram: @whynotpetites

Find Britney on Instagram: @britneywittes

Find host (Kierstin) on Instagram: @funsized.life_ — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/funsizedpodcast/support


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