113. Malenki Shoes: Heel Heaven for Petite Feet


While a pair of shoes can’t fix society’s problems with inclusivity, they can level out the playing field and give us the confidence boost we need to remind ourselves (and everyone else) that petite bitches are bad bitches too 😌

Problem is… there aren’t a whole lot of options for petite women with petite feet! 

That’s why Sasha, the founder of Malenki Shoes, is on a mission to make petite women feel empowered by providing a wide variety of styles  for any and every occasion!

With sizes ranging from kid’s 12 to women’s 6,  You’ll never have to settle for ‘baby’ heels covered in cartoon characters from the kids section ever again because Malenki is the ultimate heel heaven for women with petite feet!

Tune into the episode to learn more about this badass pioneer of petite women’s shoes!


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