113. Malenki Shoes: Heel Heaven for Petite Feet

Summary While a pair of shoes can’t fix society’s problems with inclusivity, they can level out the playing field and give us the confidence boost we need to remind ourselves (and everyone else) that petite bitches are bad bitches too 😌 Problem is… there aren’t a whole lot of options for petite women with petite […]

120. Learning To Use Macros As A Tool + Not Letting Them Have Power Over You

woman in purple shirt holding iphone

Is it possible become obsessive with counting macros? Absolutely. Anything in this world can be used and abusedto extreme measures. But only if we let them have power over us.  On this episode, Kier and Jess share their past experiences with macros, why they started counting, and how macros led them to the balanced, mindful, […]

117. Funsized Success Story with Katie

Summary Before working with me, Katie (5’1”), worked out regularly at Orange Theory and other group fitness classes but just had a hard time seeing results but knew nutrition was the missing link to her success. With my help, she’s gone from a HIIT class junkie to a total buff babe slaying the weights with […]

116. Pretty and Petite – An Online Clothing Store for Women 5’4″ and Under

Summary “Clothes won’t change the world, the petite women who wear them will” – Sara Ponce, 4’11”, Founder and CEO of Pretty & Petite Online Clothing Store Sara’s frustration over the lack of *trendy* clothes for petite women led to a grand idea; creating her own brand with clothes that are fun & trendy and […]

124. ‘Short Apparel’ Petite Activewear with Stephanie Green

Summary Being petite, it’s extremely hard to find nice clothing that fits our body shape. After pregnancy, Stephanie Green (5’0″)  had to buy the next sizes up in tights and tops. With that came extra unwanted hem lengths. This prompted a search for petite Activewear but unfortunately, she found zip – zero – zilch! In […]