Funsized Success Stories

Don’t just take it from me, HEAR from some of my badass VIP graduates!

Episode 157 with Liz

Before working with me, Liz had been doing a lot of the right things and was beyond confused why her efforts hadn’t amounted to anything. With just a few personalized adjustments to her lifestyle, Liz experienced *consistent* progress like never before! In just 16 weeks, Liz lost 10 lbs, gained confidence in the gym (so it no longer feels like a chore but rather, a source of empowerment!), and has a much better relationship with food and fitness overall.

Episode 117 with Katie

Before working with me, Katie (5’1”), worked out regularly at Orange Theory and other group fitness classes but just had a hard time seeing results but knew nutrition was the missing link to her success.

With my help, she’s gone from a HIIT class junkie to a total buff babe slaying the weights with absolutely no additional cardio (other than walking.) She’s also gone from a size 4 to a size 0 and feels like a total badass with her new-found back muscles. 

But most importantly, she has more energy throughout her day, is more confident and independent in the gym and feels she has integrated long-lasting healthy habits into her lifestyle WITH EASE.

Listen to Episode 117 with Katie

Episode 110 with Mariko

As a former collegiate athlete, Ko was extremely regimented in her exercise. The problem was…after years of trying every fad diet & cleanse under the sun, she felt so lost on how to actually eat right for her powerfully petite body. 

In just 2 weeks, she went from “MFP is too complicated” to “WOW, I GET to do this and am seeing tremendous success from it!”

Throughout her 16 week experience, her calories never went below 1600, she only did 10 minutes of “cool-down” cardio 3x per week, she went out to eat 1-2x per week AND she dropped 17lbs – Now THAT, my little friend, is the power of #consistency!

But besides the scale and seeing tremendous changes in her progress pictures, Ko made several perspective shifts that enabled her to be as successful as she was, she crushed PRs, she even went up several belts in Taekwondo, and she’s made counting macros an essential part of her routine so that now (several weeks after her program ended) she’s still using MFP because she genuinely enjoys using it as a tool to keep her feeling structured and productive!

Tune into today’s episode to hear her story directly from Ko!

Listen to Episode 110 with Mariko

Episode 104 with Jessica

Jess, 20yo from Australia, started working with me at the end of her 2nd semester (literally during finals week) at University to get in control of her health & wellbeing during the summer so that she could roll into her next semester with more confidence in her abilities to choose the right foods in the right portion sizes for her 5’2″ body  while still having fun doing the things she loves (such as rock climbing & hiking) and soaking up university life. Basically, she was looking for that #balance .

Aside from dropping a whole dress size, Jess achieved several more incredible non-scale victories that she never would have imagined! For example, a better relationship with her body image and fully accepting that it’s something that will always require effort and TLC – just like ANY relationship (at her ripe young at of 20, that’s a HUGE accomplishment that I wish I would have learned at that time of my life). Other non-victories include more confidence in the gym, re-gaining her natural cycle, and becoming a positive healthy influence on her family.

Tune into the episode to hear directly from Jess what her experience in my 1:1 program was like, more about her accomplishments and success AND her BRILLIANT strategy for “journalling” to consistently strengthen her body image!

Listen to Episode 104 with Jessica

Episode 89 with Becky

Guess who has lost 18 pounds, got her period back AND is no longer afraid of eating carbs?!

It’s my 5’1″ client, Rebecca!

Tune into the episode to learn how she went from Keto to carb SMART while kicking off 20 inches during my 16 week program!

Listen to Episode 89 with Becky

Episode 56 with Nadia

We all have this fear of ‘giving up food’ when starting a health/fitness program. ⁠ ⁠ 

Couple that with being a short girl… UGH! it just sounds like hell on earth.⁠ #shortgirlproblems⁠ 

But it doesn’t have to be like that. ⁠ ⁠ 

This 4’5″ cutie, was able to lose 6 pounds & her quartan-tummy by eating balanced meals and filling her plate with foods she actually enjoyed eating! ⁠ ⁠ 

Oh and we also recorded one of her Check-in calls, tune into this one as well to get a sneak peek of what it’s like to work with me 🙂

Listen to Episode 56 with Nadia

Episode 53 with Anonymous

This 5’3″ client has been working with me for 1 whole year!

When she first started working with me she told me she wanted to GO SLOW and she was fine with results taking a little longer if that meant she wouldn’t feel restricted*. 

As always in my 1:1 program, I respected her wishes by customizing her programming to her needs and goals. We kept her total calories above 1750 and I’m sure she could attest that most weeks she didn’t see look or feel much different BUT her 1 year transformation photo is P-R-O-O-F that it all adds up over time!!

In this episode she talks about

  • her experience in my program for 1 full year 
  • how my program has created a safe space for her to transform without a poor relationship with food, exercise or the scale
  • how the switch from cardio-focused workouts to strength-focused workouts has decreased the amount of stress she put on her body and therefore decreased the amount of weight 
  • the minuscule macros changes from week to week that are hardly noticeable but actually works 
  • how she’s continued to make progress even with being out of the gym for 6 months (half her time with me)
  • how having my guidance with food and workouts takes out all the mental work and it’s just so EASY to follow what the expert says
  • her 3 favorite things about working with me
  • and what to do if you’re on the fence about signing up for my 1:1 program!

*Trigger warning: Please skip the first 11 minutes of this podcast if you are sensitive towards disordered-eating topics

**This client wished to remain anonymous out of respect for a loved one. 

Listen to Episode 53 with Anonymous

Episode 31 with Rachel

Rachel, 5’1″, talks about her experience in my 1:1 coaching program and how she lost 20 lbs for her wedding by counting macros, finally gained the confidence to start wearing crop tops in public, and tried something completely out of her comfort zone!

Listen to Episode 31 with Rachel

Episode 35 with Sheena

This 5’0” Canadian cutie talks about her experience during my 1:1 coaching program, how she lost an inch around her waist, toned up her arms, and boosted her confidence (all during the quarantine!)

Listen to Episode 35 with Sheena

Episode 32 with Felicity

My client, Felicity Smith, talks about her experience in my 1:1 program and how it’s been her one saving grace during the Covid pandemic. 

Listen to Episode 32 with Felicity

Episode 14 with Meghann

Meghann, 4’10, was one of my very first petite clients who helped me arrive at my short girl niche. We talk about relationship with food, being petite, macros, intuitive eating, planning for a job where she’s constantly on the go, communicating with our partners about our food struggles, and our favorite superfood!

Listen to Episode 14 with Meghann

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