107. 4 Nutrition Tips to Eat Healthy While TRAVELING

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Summary Now that traveling restrictions have lifted… it’s time to book those trips, pack your bags, and get ready to have some FUN! But wait! Don’t forget to pack the [healthy] snacks! In this solo episode, I’m sharing my top 4 tips for eating healthy while traveling AND I’m sharing my most recent real-life examples […]

111. How To Dine Out AND Stay On Track With Your Macros

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Summary Learn how to navigate you plate by following these 5 steps to properly plan, eat the fun foods, and stay on track at any restaurant!! Links👇🏼 FREE Funsized Recipe Library: http://www.funsized.life/recipes Top 5 Nutrition Hacks: kierstincifelli.com/nutritionhacks Funsized Female Strength Quiz & Chart: funsized.life/strengthquiz Pamcakes [coupon code FUNSIZED] : http://www.pamcakespancakes.com Follow me on instagram: @funsized.nutrition […]