10 Ways to Bust Out of a Workout SLUMP

It seems like the world is in one giant workout rut. (Thank you, Corona. Really gotta hand it to you for ROYALLY f*n this one up.)

Maybe you’re just waiting for your gym to open back up to get serious… but you’re beyond tired of feeling sluggish, lousy, and like downright dogsh*t …

Maybe you’ve even had a good streak at home for a little while… but you’re at the point where you’re totally uninspired by the same old repetitive workouts…

But maybe….

Just maybe….

A few of these 10 ways to bust out of your workout rut might help…

  1. Mix up your workouts- You might be struggling to exercise because your workout routine feels STALE AF. If so, it’s time to DITCH those repetitive bodyweight videos, and lift some weights that actually make you feel like a strong little badass!
  2. Lay Out Your Gear the Night Before- Getting ready to go can seem daunting sometimes so make it incredibly easy to get your butt out of bed to work out by having everything all set for you to CRUSH it!
  3. Invest in a new program or new equipment- We are more likely to show up to a workout when we pay for it, so we don’t waste our hard-earned money! Since most of us are still out of the gym, if you have at least one thing you can do in the comfort of your home, it is going to make you a hellovalot lot more accountable. 
  4. Create or Download a Workout Playlist- If you are getting a little bored of the same Beyonce and Bieber tunes you were listening to last year, consider freshening up your playlist or looking for some heart-pumping pre-selected playlists available online. I started a Petite Power Playlist on Spotify if you wanna check it out.
  5. Get dressed in a hot workout outfit- When you feel good in your workout clothes you’ll want to go the extra mile. Sooooo… if your clothes are getting a bit ratty, GO TREAT YO SELF, GURL! 
  6. Track your progress- Easily the #1 thing to keep my motivation fire lit, is seeing my progress from week to week. Whether you see your strength increase via tracking the weights you use, stamina improve by tracking the time it takes you, or muscle tone improve by taking weekly progress photos, you’ll want to keep the streak going. Even the smallest wins are massive motivators!
  7. Wear a step-tracker- Wearing a watch like Fitbit or an Apple apple will give you that little extra nudge to get up and get moving more. Once you become aware of how little you’re moving, it’s much easier to step it up – literally. 
  8. Hire a personal trainer/coach- If you’re not hitting your goals, it might be time to seek help from an expert. A great coach will strategize and develop a bulletproof plan for you to get to your goal and the accountability that comes alone with it might be the very thing you need to whip that booty into shape. [You know where to find me *wink, wink*]
  9. Find a fitness community – When you share your goals with petite pals on the same path as you, you’ll feed off each other’s motivation and energy—and any hurdles you face won’t seem so daunting.
  10. Listen to an inspiring podcast – If you haven’t delved into my Funsized Podcast yet, it’s time to start. 

  11. *BONUS*: GET THE FUNSIZED FITNESS APP – Basically, it’s the all-in-one workout & progress tracking app that turns unmotivated petites to tiny & tight queens.
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