Pancake Roll Ups

This is how I roll….

  • Mix 23g dry birchbenders paleo mix with 3/4 cup egg whites. It should be really water-y. ⁠⠀
  • Spray a *small* (~10″) circular non-stick skillet with cooking spray and heat that sucker up on medium.⁠⠀
  • Pour the pancake mixture into the skillet.⁠⠀
  • ⁠Once the bottom is cooked, try to flip it without folding or screwing it up! (This might take some practice!⁠)⁠⠀
  • ⁠Give it 30 more seconds or so then remove from heat and slap it on a plate.⁠⠀
  • ⁠Spread 24g of creamy goodness over the whole pancake and sprinkle as much cinnamon as you want.⁠⠀
  • ⁠Roll the whole pancake up and then slice into 6-7 individual bite-sized pieces!⁠⠀



336 Calories • 30g Protein • 17g Carbs • 17g Fat⠀

Wanna be extra fun?! Sub the peanut butter for a chicken/turkey breakfast sausage. Roll it up like a pig in a blanket and serve with sugar-free syrup!⠀

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