59. How to Boost Your Metabolism Via NEAT


There are 3 main ways our bodies burn calories: BMR, NEAT, and actual planned exercise.

The biggest portion of how we burn calories is via BMR(basal metabolic rate) which is basically the calories our bodies burn to stay alive and carry out it’s basic functions.⁠

The next biggest piece is NEAT(non-exercise activity thermogenesis) which is the calories we burn by being active throughout the day like walking your pup(s), cleaning the house, or even reaching for that top shelf!  ⁠

⁠And finally, actual planned exercise like weight lifting and cardio and whatever else. This might be surprising to you but remember let’s say you’re working out for about 1 hour … that’s only about 4% of your day so it’s no surprise we would burn more calories outside of our designated exercise window. ⁠

⁠While I absolutely & whole-heartedly believe in actual planned exercise for toning up and fat loss, we have a greater (and easier!) ability to increase our overall calorie burn throughout the day via NEAT.⁠

In this episode, you’ll learn how to increase your calorie burn via NEAT, how to set & reach a challenging step goal, and so much more!

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