53. Funsized Success Story with Anonymous


This 5’3″ client has been working with me for 1 whole year!

When she first started working with me she told me she wanted to GO SLOW and she was fine with results taking a little longer if that meant she wouldn’t feel restricted*. 

As always in my 1:1 program, I respected her wishes by customizing her programming to her needs and goals. We kept her total calories above 1750 and I’m sure she could attest that most weeks she didn’t see look or feel much different BUT her 1 year transformation photo is P-R-O-O-F that it all adds up over time!!

In this episode she talks about

her experience in my program for 1 full year 

how my program has created a safe space for her to transform without a poor relationship with food, exercise or the scale

how the switch from cardio-focused workouts to strength-focused workouts has decreased the amount of stress she put on her body and therefore decreased the amount of weight 

the minuscule macros changes from week to week that are hardly noticeable but actually works 

how she’s continued to make progress even with being out of the gym for 6 months (half her time with me)

how having my guidance with food and workouts takes out all the mental work and it’s just so EASY to follow what the expert says

her 3 favorite things about working with me

and what to do if you’re on the fence about signing up for my 1:1 program!

IF you’re interested in working with me go to http://www.funsized.life/apply or message me on Instagram @funsized.nutrition

*Trigger warning: Please skip the first 11 minutes of this podcast if you are sensitive towards disordered-eating topics

**This client wished to remain anonymous out of respect for a loved one. 

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