51. Check-in Call with Funsized Client, Nadia


In my 1:1 nutrition and fitness coaching program for women under 5’3″, I check in with my clients once a week via email AND we also hop on a video call about every other week to touch base really just talk about all the things we can’t quite cover in an email.

Last week I decided to hit the record button during one of these calls and I really wanted to share it with you because it was such a good call and such a good example of what really happens on check in days.

So this is my conversation with my client Nadia who is 17 years old, stands tall at 4’9”, and lives in Scotland.

We recorded this on week 7 of my 16 week program and she has already lost 5 pounds.

I can’t wait to continue this journey with her and many more funsized clients just like her!

If you’re interested in my program and want to get more information go to http://www.funsized.life/coaching

And if this recording hyped you up so much and you’re just like “I’m so ready to do this and feel as good as Nadia does!!”, then go to http://www.funsized.life/apply.

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