Safer/Cleaner Personal Care

About this time last year, a fellow NTP friend, told me about this company who creates cleaner and safer personal care and beauty products. She told me she would send me free samples.

I was hella skeptical. I was like ugh this is just another bullshit way for people to make money like herbalife or those thrift patches that have really good marketing but their products are crap. And when I think ‘cleaner/safer/healthy’ I automatically think of products that don’t quite work.

After trying the products and a little further back and forth talk, we decided grab coffee and chat more about our girl issues (amenorrhea) and just connect on a personal level because we felt like we had so much in common.

Before leaving, she lent me some full-sized products to try for about a week. I was BLOWN AWAY. First off, that was an extremely nice gesture of someone I had just met and second, I actually couldn’t wait to put the products to the test. Thank god, I didn’t reject right off the bat.

After using the products for a week and being pleasantly impressed, that’s when I started to research the company and take a closer look. 

I had never heard of Beautycounter before so I felt extremely curious but that led me to learn some things about the beauty-industry that I couldn’t unlearn.

Here are the eye-opening facts that terrified me

  • There hasn’t been a U.S. law passed since 1938. There is a complete lack of regulation and all the loop holes when it comes to the ingredients companies are allowed to use — and we put those ingredients on our skin everyday! And they get absorbed into our bodies!
  • The United States has introduced over 80,000 chemicals since WWII and only 10% of those chemicals have safety data.
  • There are 1,500 chemical ingredients commonly used in U.S. skincare products that are banned in the European Union.
  • Toxic chemicals , especially fragrance, can mess with your hormones, potentially causing infertility, and many of the ingredients in conventional skin and beauty products have been linked to cancer.

And that right there  is what made me go ok, I really should look into my products. So I downloaded the EWG (healthy living app) and started to scan all my products. From shampoo to makeup to household cleaners and laundry detergents.

I was SHOCKED to see that most of my products clocked in as an 8 because of the fragrance. And all I could think is omg, could this be the reason I’m not getting a period?

So I went for it by making the cleaner swap to Beautycounter because you know what? it just made me feel better.  I couldn’t look at my old products without feeling gross and liking I’m harming my body. I know it sounds crazy but when you learn something that powerful, you can’t really unlearn it. 

Honestly you guys, I knew I was going to invest in a ton of Beautycounter products so I became a consultant to get the 25% discount. And I figured since I do have a large health and wellness following, why not educate them and provide a resource of safer products for them too. If I make some extra cash, great but I certainly don’t depend on it or push it till you get annoyed.

The thing I love about beauty counter is that there overall mission is to get safer products into the hands of everyone.

And I love that it’s founded and run by strong, passionate women trying to make a difference. 

And alsooooo they aren’t a cult. We aren’t like omg you should only ever buy beauty counter. No, you should buy safer products and if another brand is creating safer products then GREAT! That means even more people are going to live healthier. Remember, we vote with out dollars so if you’re spending money on crap, the industry is only going to make more crap. If we spend money on high quality clear products, there will be more companies providing safer products for us!

Beautycounter is on a mission to change the industry and I fully support that!

If you’re interested in learning more about beauty counter go to If you make a purchase, make sure you choose me as your consultant at check out!  and if you’re interested in becoming a consultant to get a 25% discount on all products and make some extra cash you can message me @funsized.nutrition or email me at it could be a great business venture for you if you put the time into it but for me, its simply a little perk and way to spread the information!

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