Crispy Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Brussels are one of my favorite vegetables – but only it they are cooked right! Here’s one way to enjoy crispy brussels:

Banana Recovery Muffins

After my workouts I like to have a little snack that’s loaded with nutrients to help me recover those muscles I just toasted. But I don’t want just anything… I want something high in protein and carbs and really low in fats. (Fats slow down digestion but after a workout, we need to get nurtrients […]

Petite Calorie Expenditure

No wonder it’s so hard for a petite woman to lose weight!!! It’s super challenging! But it’s not impossible! And I’m living proof. At 5’0″, I’ve been able to manipulate my body fat and muscle multiple times and it’s all because I understand how my petite calorie expenditure works and I take this into consideration […]