Scrolling Beauty

Ever find yourself scrolling Instagram for motivation? 

But what actually ends up happening is that you start picking yourself apart?? Thoughts like ‘‘If only I had a flatter stomach like her”, or “I want my legs to look like that” flood your thoughts.
Or, you catch yourself looking at the accounts that your partner follows and start thinking “I don’t look as good as them” or “why don’t I have what they have?”
Most likely, you don’t look like them, and that’s O-K because you’re beautiful in different ways! What you need to remember is that another woman’s beauty does not take away from yours. 
Whether this has happened to you recently or not, I ask that you think of 3 things that make you beautiful. Is it your smile? Your intelligence? Or your desire to be better? Whatever they are speak them out loud RIGHT NOW. Say “I am beautiful because x, y and z.”
This email is your friendly reminder to stop following or mute anyone that makes you feel bad about yourself. Even if they are positive influencers who have uplifting captions, that doesn’t always mean that their images are good for you either. If they make you feel bad or any less than yourself, you have the option to remove it from your life – even if it’s just temporary. 
Fill your feed with more of the feel good stuff. Your body will thank you for it. 

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