Believing is Receiving

Reflection is really powerful tool and these last few months have especially been a challenge for me. But as always challenges make you go back to drawing board, make you think, they make you refine your beliefs and your methods. 

I started to think about all the affirmations I had told myself this over the past several months and how well they have actually worked!

And I wanted to share my top 3 with you…

1. I am safe.
We often stress about money and relationships and whatever else but if you’re reading this, I’m willing to bet you have a roof over your head, you have food, you have income, and you have a lot of people who love you. How much you have is irrelevant, what matters is that you have what you need to survive and you always have to opportunity to get more because you hare a high-achieving woman! You are safe, too. I would repeat this one whenever I felt my stress heighten – like that time my car broke down at a gas station in the middle of no where! I was lucky to be in a place of shelter and cellphone service. 

2. I am exactly where I need to be. 
We all want things and we want them right now. The things that are happening to you right now are setting you up for your future. This is all necessary for you to get what you want. After all, the reward is so much better when the journey to get there was challenging. Did I want to gain weight this year? no. But was it necessary to get my period back AND be a better coach for my clients? You-fucking-bet!!!

3. I am worthy of success an happiness.
Do you often find yourself looking for the bad in a situation when it feels too good to be true? Or do you feel like it must be the calm before the storm? I do. I often worry my shit’s gonna get rocked and then it does because I’m unconsciously looking for something to stir the pot. But now I repeat this and allow myself to enjoy every ounce of the good stuff!

These affirmations are values/statements to be said and repeated often, if not daily. Eventually your mind will believe them and you’ll actually live them.

Just remember this: Believing opens you up to receiving.

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