Best Fitness Equipment for Petites

Have you ever got on an elliptical and felt like the strides were too big??

Given a smaller stature, most fitness machines feel awkward!!!

There are a lot of machines in the gym that just won’t fit you right.

No matter how much you adjust the seat or the handles, some things just feel ‘off!’

So let’s focus on using the following equipment that fits our petite needs!

Free Weights – This includes dumbbells, barbells, kettle bells, medine balls, and anything else you can pick up that is weighted and isn’t on a fixed track. These can be used in a free-range of motion in accordance to your smaller range of motion.

Cables – Although its a some-what fixed range of motion, it’s practically multi-directional (depending where the cable is anchored of course). Plus, there’s a huge variety of cable attachments, handles and grips you can use to accommodate your smaller stature.

Resistance bands – These are great for on-the-go or home-based workouts. They also have more free range and because you’re smaller, these actually provide a challenging amount of resistance.

Some fitness machines – okay, okay, so not all machines need to be knocked out. You might be able to get away with using some of these afterall! Different brands adjust differently and if you’re on the taller side (like 5’1’-5’4”) you’re likely to be fine. It’s if you’re under 5’0″ that you might feel more limited.

Want more specific training advice for petite women? Check out my Funsized Fitness blogs and consider my 1:1 coaching where I provide you with custom training program created for your specific needs and goals!

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