Funsized Rulebook

What does it take to be FUNSIZED?!

Here are some keys to your success:

Small changes over time yield FUNSIZED results 

Don’t rush it! Long lasting results take a long time to get there. The faster you get to your goal, the quicker you’ll rebound. Have a plan, set mini-goals, and give yourself time to accomplish it.

Practice makes petite

Practice, practice, practice. Everything takes practice! You’re not going to learn to control your body and your mind overnight. You’re probably going to mess up, a lot, that’s how you learn what to do for next time. Give yourself some grace as you go through your journey.

Every little thing counts.

The Funsizeed Formula is a 4 part system for self-care that fits together like a puzzle. Each part is made up of a bunch of little pieces that need to fit together for you to see the whole picture. You can’t just focus on one section and expect to see the results you want.⁠ If you’re missing a piece or if the pieces aren’t connected, the result you desire will be incomplete.

Do it with love, not out of hate. ⁠

Too often we start a health kick because we hate how we look. While that might be some motivation to start, it’s likely to turn into punishment. Eating healthy and exercising isn’t punishment, it’s a reward. You GET to do this.

Your height doesn’t limit your full potential.

Being short feels limiting sometimes but I assure you, it’s mostly in our heads. Tall or short, we have the power to be the person we want to be! And always remember this: If you’re under 5’3″, you are funsized no matter what. Whether you’re clothes are size 00 or size 16; You’re petite and that makes your size FUN!

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