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Your smaller statue makes you more delicate.

 “As a petite, your body gets hit that much harder by an influx of stress hormones because of your size. Think of two fire places, one big and one small, with the same amount of wood and flame. Clearly the smaller fireplace is going to heat up more than the larger one, because the fire is confined to a smaller space. The flame is that much closer to the brick or stone. That small fireplace is you and that flame is the stress response on your body. That’s why, when stress literally “lights you up,” your body and mind get hit that much harder” – Petite Diet Advantage

And when we get stressed, our body freaks out and goes into ‘survival mode’ holds on to all the water and fat in order to protect it’s organs. This is that bloating feeling that you constantly feel. And what’s worse is that because we are so short, we have less height to distribute it across and therefore it’s much more noticeable!

Here are 3 quicks ways to incorporate stress-management techniques regularly do to enhance your overall happiness.

  1. Beat the Bloat
  2. Sleep Better
  3. Supplement with Magnesium

All this and more can be found inside The Funsized Formula – The ultimate self-care guide for women under 5’3″ to feel powerfully petite!

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