Little Lifestyle

Your smaller statue makes you more delicate.  “As a petite, your body gets hit that much harder by an influx of stress hormones because of your size. Think of two fire places, one big and one small, with the same amount of wood and flame. Clearly the smaller fireplace is going to heat up more […]

Why is it so hard for Petites?

You were dealt a short-hand (literally) and it sucks! I know it, because I was too.  Since we’re not gonna get any taller, we gotta start thinking like a petite when it comes to our bodies. In the past, you’ve probably followed a fitness and nutrition programs that were meant for the general public, which […]

Skinny Pumpkin Latte

Calling all you basic witches🎃 ….⁠⁠I love PSLs just as much as you do but sometimes, I don’t want all that extra sugar! (FYI: a Starbucks PSL can have 50g+ sugar!)⁠😰⁠Here’s an easy recipe for a homemade iced pumpkin spice latte that will save your waistline (and your wallet):⁠⁠🔸4oz coffee (or coldbrew)⁠🔸6oz unsweetened almond milk⁠🔸2 […]