4 Stages of Eating

Does anybody else love those silly little quizzes to find out which personality type you are? Or which character you are in your favorite tv show? Are you more like Daynarries of House Targareon? Or are you more like Arya of House Stark? (Huge GOT fan here!)

Today we’re going to play a similar game! I’m gonna give you 4 different eating personality types and you’re going to tell me which one you are!

What stage of eating are you currently in??⁠

⁠⁠⁠I often get asked what’s the difference between intentional eating and intuitive eating. It can be a bit confusing since the terms seem to be used interchangeably but they mean different things!⁠⁠

“I eat whatever I feel like having or what’s available”

Stage 1: Mindless eating; eating without a care or clue of good nutrition. Eating just to eat. Think of how a child would eat. ⁠

“I’m trying to eat healthy but I don’t really know if I’m doing it right”

Stage 2: Mindful eating: consciously opting for the healthier options but not caring about portion sizes or nutrient timing.⁠

“I consciously choose my food combinations so that I achieve a specific outcome”

Stage 3: Intentional eating: purposely choosing foods and portion sizes based on a specific outcome like aesthetics or performance or managing a health condition. ⁠

“I eat to nourish my mind, body, and soul ”

Stage 4: Intuitive eating: feeling good, rejecting the dieting mentality, using nutrition information without judgment, and respecting your body, regardless of how you feel about its shape.⁠⁠

How do you currently eat right now? Let me know if this is helpful.

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