3 Reasons Why Petites Should Build Muscle

Okay, so you want to be leaner and have less body fat, right? I totally feel you!  But here’s why you should change your ‘weight loss’ goal to ‘muscle building’…..


If you lose weight WITHOUT having muscle underneath… you’re not actually going to like how you look. You’re probably going to look ‘skinny fat’ because you’ll still have that loose/flabby skin. Trust me, every time I ever got down to my lowest body-fat percentage, I was never really happy because all I wanted at that point was more muscle! I’d catch myself saying “if only my shoulders were bigger” or “if only my glutes were bigger” and I also found it funny that I was trying to ‘lose weight’, I really just wanted to appear stronger!

When you replace your ‘weight loss’ goal with ‘building strength’, you’ll change the livelihood of your overall outlook! ‘Losing’ has such a negative connotation. If you start thinking about all the things you’ll gain (like strength, empowerment, confidence), you’re likely to feel happier.


The more muscle you have, the more you can EAT! If you’re ANYTHING like me, you LOVE to eat, you love food and a big plate of your favorite sounds so enticing right now that you’re practically drooling. Okay okay, come back to reality! Want to know the secret to being able to eat more food without getting fat?! It’s gaining muscle. Muscle will help you burn more calories while doing nothing. But you can’t just build a whole bunch of muscle and then go sit on the couch for months and years. Muscle is an ‘expensive’ tissue. That means in order for you to keep it, you gotta feed it. (Damn, I have to tell that to men who date me!) But seriously, if you don’t feed the muscle with the nutrients it needs then its going to go away.

More muscle + more food = increased metabolism = one happy little badass petite!


Because muscle is sexy! As a petite, I can promise you, you will NEVER look like a man no matter how much muscle you have. You’re ALWAYS going to be cute because of your height. So why not be cute AND strong?! Having muscle adds to your curves and femininity. Do you think you build muscle fast? You might, that’s a perk’s of being petite – a little goes a long way! And that’s a great thing!

Which reason is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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