The Perks of Being Funsized!

As they say, good things come in small packages! Being a tiny human can actually be a blessing and make life a lot easier! For example

         More compact = Less likely to be injured

Without getting to far into the science of how levers work, I’m just gonna leave you with this: the shorter you are, the closer your limbs and therefore joints are to the center of your body. For the most part, There’s a lot less wear and tear on your muscles and bones as your average person.

         Small amount of weight loss = more noticeable

So this is a good thing and a bad thing. We all know that when we gain 5lbs it looks like 15lbs ….. but the same works in reverse! If you lose 5lbs its extremely noticeable! For some reason, society paints it in our heads that normal. Weight loss is 1lbs per week and if we don’t loose a 1lb we get really disappointed. The thing is… 1 lb is A LOT for us! Realistically, a better rule of thumb is .5lbs per week – but even that expectation can sometimes be too much. I always have my clients reflect on how they feel and look BEFORE they step on the scale. That’s because there are a lot of factors that can alter the number on the scale including stress, water retention, sunburn, muscle soreness, medications, etc. More on this topic later!

         Less food = less money spent (your petite discount!)

Ok, now this is just AMAZING! Since your portion sizes are smaller you can get away with 1 pack of chicken breast per week.. whereas taller people (especially men) need 2-4 packs per week. (I remember shopping with my 215lb ex-boyfriend and watching his grocery bill go over $200 ever week and I was like damn, I very rarely go over $100 per week – granted I’m also a much smarter shopper –   #female LOL – but still!)

Oh and restaurant portions are like 2 meals for us. When You eat half and take the rest home, you get 2 meals for the price of one! Whereas everyone else has to buy another meal (saves you another $10-20!)

And more! With a smaller/shorter body…

  • You can shop in the kids section!
  • T-shirts fit like dresses
  • You’re always the little spoon!
  • You can easily hide when you don’t want to be seen
  • You can always wear heels
  • You can curl up and sleep almost anywhere

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